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The ©plus tempering process

The know-how of heat treatment

As manufacturers of wearing parts for the soil tillage industry, AMAZONE can look back on a history spanning decades. Continuous advancements in materials and production techniques, as well as our know-how in heat treatment, lies behind the plough wearing metal parts of the highest quality.

Carbon in its purest form, diamond, is the hardest naturally occurring substance. A hardening process involving the introduction of carbon into the steel is used to increase the hardness and durability of plus wearing parts. AMAZONE uses a unique hardening process to achieve a very high level of hardness on the front of components, such as the shin, to produce the optimum resistance to wear. The back remains relatively soft but at the same time extremely tough and impact resistant.

Benefits of the plus hardening process: 

  • Longer service life 
  • High impact resistance 
  • Less pulling power requirement 
  • Reduced fuel consumption 
  • Less sticking to the smoother outer surface

  1. Hardened front of mouldboard
  2. Relatively soft rear of mouldboard
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Box section beams made of high-grade steel for a long service life

All the beams on AMAZONE ploughs are produced from a special high-tensile steel. The over-sized wall thickness means that, not only is the whole beam robust, but also all the bolt fixings are extremely strong with this heavy wall thickness also preventing any hole elongation or deformation of the box section around the bolt fixings. A further feature of the ploughs is the design of the plough beam without any weld seams.

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Trash boards

A cost-effective alternative to skimmers when incorporating surface crop residues. With additional leg support as standard.

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Deflector boards

In conjunction with the skimmers, the deflector plates prevent straw (especially maize straw) from wrapping around the leg.

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Sword landsides

The sword landside is an alternative to the disc coulter, which, especially on heavy, stony ground ensures a clean furrow wall and also reduces the wear and tear on the plough body.

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Disc coulters – for clean, tidy ploughing

The disc coulter is important for a clean ploughing performance. Disc coulters also make a considerable contribution to efficient ploughing. The disc coulters precise cutting action helps achieve full turning and complete incorporation of crop residues as well as leaving an effective furrow clearance.

Serrated or smooth disc coulters with a diameter of 500 mm or 600 mm are available. The depth of the coulters is adjusted via finely graduated toothed discs. As an alternative, spring-loaded disc coulters can also be fitted to ploughs with hydraulic overload protection.

These provide more space between the coulter and skimmers. The disc coulter can then also avoid obstructions independently of the plough body.

The benefits:

  • On shear bolt ploughs, the discs can also be adjusted in the driving direction, leaving plenty of clearance between the body and the coulter.
  1. 500 mm serrated disc coulter
  2. 600 mm serrated disc coulter
  3. 500 mm smooth disc coulter
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The use of skimmers ensures blockage-free ploughing, even under the most difficult of conditions. The following skimmers are available:

  1. M0 Skimmer 
    The M0 skimmer is universally suited for use in grassland ploughing as well as where there are large amounts of crop residues, especially maize straw.
  2. G1 Skimmer 
    The use of the G1 skimmer ensures blockage-free ploughing, especially on heavy and sticky ground or when ploughing grassland for the first time.
  3. M3 Skimmer 
    Optimum performance with extreme crop residues (especially maize straw), recommended only in conjunction with large point to point clearances of 105 or 115 cm. Not available for NonStop stone safety ploughs.

  • All-round adjustable version (working depth, stepless height and pull-in force adjustment and three-position throwing angle adjustment) optionally available for the M0 and G1 skimmers and included as standard with the M3 skimmer.
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Amazone plough bodies

Long-lasting and a clean finish

The plough body is at the heart of any plough and is first in line when it comes to quality of work and is responsible for an effective operation of the plough.

Clean, efficient incorporation of those crop residues, even under the most arduous of conditions, such as, for example, in maize stubble, is just one of the quality criteria. However, AMAZONE plough bodies also master other challenges brilliantly, such as working on hilly terrain.

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Easy pulling from the tip

The basis for efficient ploughing is naturally to ensure the least tractor pulling power possible and thus less diesel consumed. In combination with the unique ©plus hardening process which gives a very hard and smooth surface, the clever design guarantees the ease of pull for which AMAZONE ploughs are renowned.

  1. Duck bill point
  2. Wing system with interchangeable tip
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HD version

To further improve service life, the optional HD points are also available which feature tungsten carbide tips plus wings with hard-faced welded edges. These are available for nearly all of the plough bodies.

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Interchangeable tip with a special profile

The interchangeable tip saves the wing blade and thus reduces wearing costs. Its shallow design, the self-sharpening, pulling power saving penetration range and the 15 mm thick side reinforcements make the interchangeable tip, due to the targeted use of material in the wear zones, extremely robust resulting in exceptional longevity.

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Plough body WY 400

Scrolled, universally usable from light to very heavy soils. It is especially easy to pull and suited to working depths of 12 to 30 cm.

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Plough body WL430

Heavily scrolled and long-drawn for light to heavy soils, outstanding furrow clearance for wide tyres up to 710 mm, best handling of crop residues. Excellent behaviour in sloping terrain. Working depths of 15 to 33 cm.  

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Plough body WX 400

Very shallow, scrolled plough body for medium to very heavy soils. Very easy pulling for extreme conditions, excellent cleaning properties. Working depths of 12 to 25 cm.

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WX 400 PE

Very shallow, scrolled plough body for very heavy soils. Equipped with a mouldboard made from Special plastic resulting in best cleaning properties for extremely sticky soil conditions. Working depths of 12 to 25 cm.

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Plough body WXL 430

Also for medium to very heavy soil conditions and, due to the pointed profile, very easy to pull. Good furrow clearance and handling of crop residues. Working depths of 15 to 28 cm.

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S 35 plough body

Heavily scrolled, helical body for heavy marshland and polder soils. Intensive turning of the soil ridge. Excellent furrow clearance and cleaning characteristics. Working depths from 15 to 30 cm.

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Plough body WXH 400

Particularly scrolled body for medium to very heavy soils, especially easy to pull and very good furrow clearance. Working depths of 15 to 33 cm.

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WST430 slatted mouldboard

Ideal for sticky soils, good crumbling effect and furrow clearance. Slats are individually replaceable. Excellent burying of crop residues, very universally usable for light to heavy soils. Working depths of 15 to 33 cm.

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STU 40 plough body

Universally usable body for light to heavy ground, especially sticky soils. The wide furrow clearance provides excellent incorporation of crop residues. The slats can be individually exchanged and reduce the wear costs. Working depths from 18 to 40 cm.

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Plough body UN400/UN430

Steep universal profile in two sizes for light to medium soil types. Due to the inversion effect, good handling of crop residues. Working depths of 15 to 30 cm on UN 400, of 20 to 40 cm on the UN 430.

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Lasts four times as long

The long length ensures an even side loading, which reduces fuel consumption and ensures perfect ploughing.

  • All plough bodies have four-way reversible landsides.
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Advantage of AMAZONE plough bodies

  • Thorough and consistent incorporation of crop residues to promote fast and effective decomposition and encourages soil life
  • Subsequent operations are made easy by an even surface profile and the finely crumbed surface
  • A bigger furrow clearance enables the use of wider tyres and helps with the incorporation of large amounts of crop residues
  • The reduced pulling force required results in fuel savings
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Subsoiler points for deep loosening

Under certain conditions, it may be necessary to loosen the surface below the working depth of the plough body. The loosening fingers are height-adjustable and can be easily changed to reduce the cost of wear and tear.

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Lower link cross shaft adapter for more lift height

To increase the lift height of the plough, all lower link cross shafts can be optionally provided with an adaptor, which moves the cross-shaft into a lower position and thus increases ground clearance during turnover. The lower link cross-shaft adaptor can be retrofitted at any time.

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Lighting for additional road traffic safety

All ploughs can also be fitted with a road lighting kit for road transport. Either pointing to the left (for transport with plough in working position) or double-sided for use with combined transport/depth wheels, these lighting systems ensure safety whilst driving on roads.

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