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Standard equipment on the Pantera 4504

  • Hydro-pneumatic suspended tandem chassis with automatic level regulation, suspension regulated depending on the fill level and the forward speed
  • Track widths from 1.80 m to 3.20 m (will differ depending on the chassis type and tyres); the track width can be adjusted steplessly via the AmaDrive vehicle terminal
  • Hydraulic front-wheel steering, all-wheel steering and dog-leg steering; steering angles tailored to the speed and operation
  • Headland management with automated switch from front-wheel to all-wheel steering, boom lift with AutoLift
  • Forward speeds up to 50 km/h, infinitely variable hydrostatic single range transmission with traction control
  • Hydraulic braking system with disc brakes and hydraulic parking brake
  • 6 cyl. Deutz turbodiesel engine, Common-Rail injection technology, maximum power 160 kW (218 hp) according to ISO 14396, Stage 3A or Stage 5 exhaust emissions compliant
  • ECO-Mode: fuel saving, performance-related engine rev regulation on the road and in the field
  • 290 l fuel tank: Stage 5 exhaust emission compliant with 20 l DEF tank (Diesel Exhaust Fluid, e.g. AdBlue)
  • Claas Vista cab, climate control, heating, air-suspended comfort seat, adjustable steering column, radio with USB SD slot, Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity, windscreen and rear window sunblinds
  • AmaDrive vehicle terminal with colour touchscreen (7") for vehicle operation
  • AmaPilot multi-function joystick+ for drive control and sprayer operation
  • Side lights, dip and main beam headlights, 4 front work lights, 2 side work lights and 2 side view work lights in the cab roof, front illumination of the boom as well as illumination of the operator station.
  • 4,500 l spray agent tank with agitator, fill level indicator, tank cleaning nozzles; 500 l fresh water tank and induction bowl
  • 520 l/min pump capacity with 3" suction port, max. suction capacity 700 l/min via the venturi
  • Pump speed set from the terminal and remote control of the pump down at the operator station.
  • Suction valve with 3" suction filter (32 mesh) and fill port for fresh water tank
  • Valve chest, self-cleaning 1 1/4" pressure filter (50 mesh) and part-width section control, quick emptying
  • Comfort-Pack with digital external fill level indicator, automatic fill stop, fill-level dependent and auto-dynamic agitation regulation and remote-controlled cleaning from the cab
  • Super-light and super-stable Super-L boom
  • Spraying height 0.35 m - 2.65 m, up to 3.15 m in the Pantera-HW and Pantera-H (with 380/90 R50 tyre sizes)
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Intelligent chassis management

Pantera – with light-footed intelligence

The special tandem chassis design of the Pantera not only ensures perfect adaptation to ground undulations but also an optimum boom ride – especially of course, in sloping terrain. Thanks to the level regulated hydro-pneumatic suspension, the Pantera operator also enjoys the maximum level of comfort. 

The combination of this unique chassis design and the proven AMAZONE boom suspension additionally ensures an optimally smooth boom ride even under the most arduous of conditions.

  1. Main frame
  2. Suspension
  3. Wheel motor with disc brakes and drive hubs
  4. Tandem chassis

  • Exclusive: Automatic suspension management
    - Soft setting for constant forward speeds
    - Hard setting for acceleration, braking and manoeuvring

The outstanding longitudinal tandem chassis

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Amazone Pantera
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Conventional chassis

  • The unevenness under the right hand front wheel is compensated by the elongated tandem. The pivot point is only slightly lifted. Only a slight transmission of the forces onto the frame.
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Weight distribution at the optimum!

Even weight distribution between the front and rear wheels is one of the basic requirements for efficient power transfer to the ground.

The Pantera 4504 was therefore designed to have an optimal weight distribution of approximately 50% on both the front and the rear axles when the tank is full. Depending on the tank level and the boom type, the weight distribution varies only by around 5%.

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Nearly unbounded – exceptional ground clearance

The high ground clearance of 1.20 m also proves to be an important advantage for the Pantera in practice. The Pantera-H and Pantera-HW even have a ground clearance of 1.70 m. This is an advantage that is of particular benefit when spraying rape during flowering or also in taller maize crops. The SunflowerKit is available for the Pantera-HW, in order to enhance plant care.

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Pantera 4504

Track width adjustment in no time at all

The standard, automatic track width adjustment allows a quick response to different applications and crops. Once the desired track width has been pre-selected, the exact centimetre precise setting is carried out automatically.

Track width and ground clearance respectively with tyre sizes 380/90 R50 (offset depth + 50 mm)

Track width and ground clearance respectively with tyre sizes 380/90 R50 (offset depth + 50 mm)

Track width and ground clearance respectively with tyre sizes 380/90 R50 (offset depth + 50 mm)

Track width and ground clearance respectively with tyre sizes 380/90 R50 (offset depth + 50 mm)

Pantera 4503 (3) Pantera_Radantriebabdeckung_d2_131016

Wheel motor guards on the Pantera 4504 as standard

Pantera 4503 (4) Pantera_4502_Raps_d0_kw_G0057659_d2_151020
Pantera 4503 in operation

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Pantera 4504-H

Increased flexibility

The driver can lift the machine up to a ground clearance of 1.70 m at the touch of a button on the operator terminal. The track width can be adjusted between 2.10 m and 2.60 m with the machine in the lifted position. 

The broad track width spectrum makes it possible to vary the track width of the machine from 1.80 m to 2.40 m in normal applications which only require a 1.25 m ground clearance.

The benefits:

  • Ground clearance from 1.25 m to 1.70 m, depending on the tyre sizes
  • Sufficient room in all crops without plant damage
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Pantera 4504-W

Track width adjustment up to 3 m

The Pantera 4504-W is equipped with track width adjustment from 2.25 m to 3.00 m. In “Controlled Traffic Farming” systems, the track width adjustment of the Pantera-W provides the ideal alternative. This specification is also of advantage if working in potato crops without tramlines: four rows of potatoes under the machine provide high stability and ensure minimal plant damage.

The benefits:

  • Stepless track width adjustment from 2.25 m to 3.00 m, depending on the tyre sizes
  • High flexibility and therefore minimal damage to plants
  • Compliance with the permissible transport widths
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Pantera 4504-HW

Maximum flexibility

The Pantera-HW self-propelled sprayer is extremely versatile with a track width adjustment range from
–2.25 m to 3.00 m with a with a ground clearance of 1.25 m or
–2.45 m to 3.20 m (3.30 m) with a ground clearance of 1.7 m.

In spite of its higher centre of gravity, the Pantera 4504-HW turns out to be very stable and can be 
flexibly used in a wide variety of crops and row spacings. In particular, contractors looking to offer a flexible plant protection service across a wide range of customers and crops can clearly increase the scope of crop protection treatments possible. 

The benefits:

  • Angled lifting cylinders provide tremendous stability
  • Larger track width in combination with the high-clearance chassis for maximum flexibility
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Lift module

The optional lifting module 700 can be used to raise the Super-L2 boom by a further 70 cm. In combination with this lifting module, the Pantera-H or Pantera-HW has an application height of 3.85 m* – measured from the lower edge of the nozzle. The lifting module is available for the Super-L2 boom and all chassis versions.

  1. 1.70 m ground clearance
  2. 3.85 m lift height (* with 380/90 R50 tyre sizes)
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