Perfection for precision plant protection: AmaSelect

UX 6201 Super carrying out band spraying
Our aim is to continuously advance crop protection technology through innovation. For you, this means achieving your goal of effectively and cost-efficiently protecting your crops and keeping them healthy.

The use of high-precision technology, such as the AmaSelect electric individual nozzle switching in the UX UX trailed sprayer and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer, plays a key role in your success. In combination with the automatic part-width section control GPS-Switch, AmaSelect enables part-width sections of only 50 cm, thanks to its individual nozzle switching. This prevents up to 85 % less overlap in wedge-shaped fields or on headlands compared with conventional methods, and reduces the amount of plant protection agent needed by up to 10 %. Two absolute must-haves.

NEW: To help make your crop protection application even more precise and efficient, we offer AmaSelect with different levels of individual nozzle switching equipment. Precision can be even further increased and the use of plant protection agent further reduced with the AmaSelect CurveControl, AmaSelect Row and AmaSelect Spot functions.

This cuts costs while contributing to sustainable, environmentally-friendly agriculture.

One of a kind: AmaSelect

Electric individual nozzle switching with 50 cm part-width sections

UX 5201 Super
The AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control consists of a 4-fold nozzle body with electric activation and deactivation and additional switch-over of the nozzles. In addition to the 50 cm part-width sections which can be switched automatically via GPS-Switch, the system offers electrical switching between the four mounted nozzles via the operator terminal or even completely automatically if the forward speed or application rate is changed.

The top benefits:

  • Up to 80 part-width sections with 50 cm spacing
  • Four nozzles per nozzle body
  • Perfect 25 cm nozzle spacing using the extension set – optional
  • Automatic nozzle changeover and switching
  • Nozzle selection from the cab
  • Nozzle pairs can also be run in combination
  • Freely programmable part-width sections
  • High pressure recirculation (DUS pro)
  • With LED individual nozzle lighting
  • Optimised application rate whilst driving around bends with AmaSelect CurveControl
  • Part-area application based on spot application maps with AmaSelect Spot
  • Switching to band spraying from the cab with AmaSelect Row – optional

AmaSelect: 50 cm GPS part-width sections! 85 % less overlap!*


Optimum distance to the target at all times

Pantera 4503
Using HeightSelect in conjunction with AmaSelect, it is now possible to continuously and automatically adjust the distance between the boom and the target crop according to the nozzle spacing and nozzle type on the UX 01 trailed sprayer and Pantera self-propelled sprayer. When the nozzle is switched on, the automatic boom guidance regulates the target surface distance. This automation improves the efficiency of the plant protection agents and makes it considerably easier for the driver.

DUS pro pressure recirculation system

Constant spraying pressure with minimal residual spraying volumes

With the DUS pro pressure recirculation system, the spray agent is always in motion, even when the nozzles are closed – which prevents any build-ups. The spraying pressure is constant right up to each individual nozzle and at the set spraying pressure. In addition, the conical spray lines keep residual spray volumes in the liquid circuit to a minimum.

LED individual nozzle lighting

Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark!

UX 11201 in use
Professional work lighting is today the basis of a flexible, output-increasing solution to operating in twilight and at night. LED individual nozzle lighting picks out each individual spray fan. Nozzle function can be reliably assessed, down to the very last nozzle on the boom.

AmaSelect CurveControl

Optimised application when driving round bends

With CurveControl for the AmaSelect electric individual nozzle switching, the UX 01 trailed sprayer and Pantera self-propelled sprayer gain yet another valuable function for driving around bends. In addition to the nozzle pressure, CurveControl uses sensors to determine the curve radius and automatically calculates the pressure adjustment for the changed flow rate. The system then balances out the application rate on the boom with automatic nozzle switching.

Advantages of AmaSelect CurveControl combined with the ContourControl boom:

  • Virtually uniform application rates when negotiating bends over the entire working width
  • Optimum crop management
  • Prevention of resistance caused by under-dosing


AmaSelect Row - equipped for the future

Precise band spraying for reduced usage of plant protection agent

UX 6201 Super carrying out band spraying

With AmaSelect Row for the UX 01 trailed sprayer and Pantera self-propelled sprayer, AMAZONE now offers the possibility to convert a machine with AmaSelect nozzle bodies remotely from the cab from whole-area application to row-specific band spraying. Row-specific band spraying with special 40° nozzles makes it possible to reduce the consumption of plant protection agents by up to 65 %. Row specific applications in crops with a 50 cm row spacing can very easily be implemented without any further retooling. However, the optional extension kit for the AmaSelect nozzle body with a 25 cm nozzle spacing also enables band applications to be implemented in crops with a 75 cm row width. Only the nozzles at the desired spacing are switched on for that purpose. Alternative row widths, such as 45 cm for sugar beet, can be achieved with an additional nozzle arrangement.

Advantages of AmaSelect Row:

  • Switching between band spraying and full-width spraying at the push of a button
  • Different row spacings possible thanks to the optional extension kit with 25 cm
  • Outstanding user comfort, with integrated filling menu for quantity calculation
  • Reduction in the plant protection agent usage by up to 65 %.

AmaSelect Spot - equipped for the future

Part-area, site-specific crop protection treatment based on spot application maps with AmaTron 4

To reduce the amount of plant protection agent needed, AMAZONE offers part-area, site-specific weed control based on highly accurate spot application maps for the UX 01 trailed sprayer and Pantera self-propelled sprayer with AmaSelect individual nozzle switching. External service providers produce the spot maps.

In the first step, the field to be treated is scanned and a spot application map created. Depending on the service provider, various processes are used for scanning the area in this first step, such as overflying with a drone, by satellite or via special sensor booms.

In the second step, weeds are spot-treated across the surface area. All that is required for this is to load the spot application map in the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal. Unlike blanket treatment approaches, AmaSelect individual nozzle switching lets you treat only those areas where there are actually weeds.

Benefits of AmaSelect Spot:

  • Precise spot treatment of weeds with a standard Amazone crop protection sprayer
  • Reduction in plant protection agent usage by up to 80 %.
  • Protection of the environment
  • Minimal residual quantities thanks to exact planning of the application rate on the basis of the spot application maps
  • Prevention of resistance build-up thanks to small spot applications with 100% plant protection agent concentration

Precision with AmaSelect Spot
AmaSelect Spot with DroneLink

The ultimate precision team: AmaSelect with ContourControl and SwingStop

Optimal interaction of individual nozzle switching and boom guidance

When using large boom widths, AmaSelect Row or on hilly terrain, the high-precision AMAZONE boom guidance can be even further optimised with active ContourControl boom guidance combined with the active SwingStop vibration damping on the UX 01 trailed sprayer and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer.

The benefits of ContourControl:

  • Optimum lateral distribution
  • Precise, super-fast automatic height guidance
  • Target surface distance below 50 cm – less drift
  • Very quick folding processes
  • Higher accuracy at faster working speeds

The benefits of SwingStop:

  • Optimum longitudinal distribution
  • Reduction in the horizontal boom movement for an extremely steady boom ride
  • A system that operates very quickly, elegantly and precisely, even at very high working speeds

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