We do so much more!

Utilising our GPS software licenses for the AMAZONE ISOBUS operator terminals, any task is made easy. Find out more about the extensive possibilities offered by our AmaTron 4 and AmaPad 2 operator terminals.

AMAZONE plough adjustment

It’s all dependent on the right settings! With the adjustment of the plough being particularly easy to do, it means an excellent quality of work can be quickly achieved. Plus, an optimally adjusted plough lowers fuel consumption and reduces wear.

Perfect sowing is the basis for maximum yields

Professional crop production is faced with ever greater challenges: The new Fertiliser Directive and the withdrawal of individual plant protection agents on the one hand combined with increasing resistance on the other. But the increasing number of extreme climatic events with persistent drought or increasingly frequent torrential rainfall also have a major impact on crop production.

AMAZONE Pantera 4503 with AmaSelect individual nozzle control

The decisive advantage of individual nozzle shut-off is its ability, when in running work on headlands and wedge shaped fields, of working even more precisely. If AmaSwitch or AmaSelect is combined with the GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control, then each individual nozzle body is controlled automatically in 50 cm part-width sections.

Intelligent crop production

Whether tillage, sowing, fertilizing or plant protection. AMAZONE offers the machines and the knowledge - from harvest to harvest. Here you will find all technical reports on the subject of intelligent crop production.

AMAZONE and AGRAVIS start a joint agricultural pilot project, Controlled Row Farming (CRF)

In collaboration with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and SCHMOTZER Hacktechnik, AMAZONEN-WERKE will start new long-term field trials in 2020. Entitled "Controlled Row Farming" (CRF), a completely new arable farming system will be introduced, in which each crop cultivation measure takes place in relation to a fixed row.

Test and driving reports

Tested by professionals and approved. Read our test and driving reports from the PROFI and agrarheute editorial teams and get an impression of the performance of our machines.