The ideal partner for the winter – Precision in perfection

AMAZONE now offers the IceTiger, an innovative new mounted spreader for the application of salt and brine with the highest precision. Innovative technology, combined with comfortable operation and durable materials, make the IceTiger a strong and reliable option for winter road gritting.

A unique feature of the IceTiger winter salt spreader is the hydraulically-driven floor belt that feeds the material to be spread. This prevents bridging and ensures a continuous flow of material without blockages. Even extremely small quantities of 5 g/m² can be precisely applied with the IceTiger. Uniform application of both free-flowing refined salt and rock salt is possible, as is the application of slip-preventing materials such as grit or sand. A pre-wetting salt system for brine can also be integrated into the IceTiger from hopper capacities of 1,300 l.

With working widths from 1 m to 8 m, the IceTiger can therefore be perfectly tailored to meet the demands of the area needing to be treated.

Efficient, economical, environmentally-friendly!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Adjustable floor belt speed – for precise application, even with extremely small quantities
  • Precision spreading disc – precise and gentle application
  • Electric delivery point adjustment via an ISOBUS terminal
  • Smart Precision System – more precise, more economical, more environmentally-friendly
  • Hopper with a favourable centre of gravity
  • Useful camera system
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Important dust protection
  • Convenient swivel hopper cover
  • Perfect lighting
  • Practical access step
  • High-quality materials
  • Convenient parking device

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IceTiger winter salt spreader | AMAZONE

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