ContourControl – reduces those vertical boom movements


With the active boom guidance system, ContourControl, AMAZONE offers a fully automatic boom guidance system for booms from 21 m working width. This meets the increasing demand for higher precision during application owing to the minimal deviations in the distance from the target surface, even at high forward speeds and large working widths. ContourControl can be used with Super-L booms in conjunction with either Flex-fold 1 or Flex-fold 2.

The basis of the new boom guidance system is a highly responsive electro-hydraulic system and 4 sensors, or as many as 6 sensors in combination with Flex-fold 2, which enable both automatic positive and negative angling.

The benefits of ContourControl: 

  1. One-sided positive angling on the right (Flex-fold 2)
  2. Simultaneous positive angling (Flex-fold 2)
  3. Simultaneous negative angling (Flex-fold 2)