Different soil conditions - a uniform outcome with SmartForce

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (1) Precea6000-2CC_Deutz_d0_kw_DJI_0228_d1_220114

Simultaneous maintenance of a consistent placement depth and optimum embedment of the seeds ensures high field emergence and provides the basis for good a yield.

Maintaining a consistent placement depth on varying soils or conditions where there is uneven reconsolidation represents a particular challenge for both the machine and the operator.

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (2) hydraulischer_schardruck_ohne_automatik
Hydraulic coulter pressure without an automatic system with inconsistent placement depth | 1) 30 bar

AMAZONE offers the SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation system as an add-on to the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.

The particular feature with this system is that the driver does not need to stipulate the coulter pressure, but rather they set the desired contact force on the terminal. This contact force is checked by measuring pins when in the field. If a deviation from the predefined contact force on the PreTeC coulter is registered due to changing

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (2) hydraulischer_schardruck_mit_automatik
Hydraulic coulter pressure with automatic system for consistent placement depth | 1) 30 bar 2) 50 bar

ground conditions, the SmartForce hydraulic system readjusts the coulter pressure accordingly. The correct contact force is precisely applied.

In this way, the coulter pressure is adapted to the differing ground conditions whilst on the move - uniform placement depths are thus reliably maintained under all ground conditions. This makes it easier for the driver and results in a more even field emergence.

The benefits: 

  • Uniform placement depth - regardless of any changes in soil conditions in a field. 
  • Uniform plant population enables maximum yield potential by optimising the supply of light, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients to the individual plant.

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (4) Precea6000-2FCC_Fendt_d0_kw_P4060894_d1_220228
The measuring pin registers changes in the contact force on varying soils. The ISOBUS-controlled SmartForce system then automatically evens out these fluctuations. As a result, the placement depth remains the same under all soil conditions.

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