Utyamischev Ilnur, OOO “Woronezhskoye" (Gayskiy Rajon, Oblast Orenburg)

Utyamischev Ilnur, OOO „Woronezhskoye“ (1) утямишев_d1_201223

“Wheat, barley, oats, lentils, chickpeas and grass are grown on the OOO ‘Woronezhskoye‘ farm. We gave up ploughing a few years ago - we use deep looseners to work without inverting the soil. Some of the fields are cultivated using conservation tillage, and we also have fallow fields.

I am very familiar with AMAZONE machinery. I bought the first machines of this make six years ago - these were UG 3000 crop protection sprayers.

I bought a Primera DMC seed drill with a 9 m working width three years ago. We use this with a ClaasXerion tractor (330 hp). We sow cereals, chickpeas and grass with the Primera DMC and achieve good work rates - an average of over 200 ha per day. Another advantage of the Primera DMC: The seed drill solves the problems with fine seeds which many farms are currently experiencing - it is difficult to distribute fine seed evenly, which is why field emergence is often patchy. The Primera DMC copes with this task very well, placing the seed into the ground in an ideal manner and achieves extremely even field emergence."

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