Simple and central adjustment of the depth control

Einfache und zentrale Einstellung der ­Tiefenführung (1) Avant_KG6002-2_d0_kw_P8071993a_d1_210310

The sowing depth of the TwinTeC double disc coulter can be centrally adjusted on the coulter frame. A depth guidance roller provides exact depth control behind every TwinTeC coulter, so that the sowing depth of each individual TwinTeC coulter is maintained. Thanks to the large coulter clearance of 195 mm and the connection to the depth guidance roller via the top guided roller carrier, sufficient space remains so that blockage-free operation is maintained. Due to the sowing discs’ low angle of attack of 10°, a superb passage of material is ensured even at high forward speeds and in copious amounts of crop residues. There is a choice of two different depth guidance rollers. The Control 50 mm depth guidance roller has a large passage and is suited especially for heavy soils that have a good carrying ability. On the other hand, the Control 65 mm depth guidance roller offers a higher carrying capacity, which is ideal for lighter locations.

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