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Citan-C (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_6648_Saatfluss_d1_200917

Citan-C – with 3-section pressurised hopper for seed and fertiliser or a combination of seed types

Flexibly combined
The Citan 12001-C and 15001-C offer the option of placing fertiliser or a second seed type as a companion plant/undersown crop in the seed furrow together with the seed. The hopper is divided into 3 sections and can be flexibly combined. If division of the tank is not required, it can be completely filled with just one seed type.

The options:

Citan-C (2) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_01_Nur_Saat_d1_200421
Seed only
Citan-C (3) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_02_SingleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421
Single-shoot: sowing seed along with fertiliser at one placement depth

Citan-C (4) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_03_SingleShoot_Saat-Untersaat_d1_200421
Single-shoot: sowing two seed types at one placement depth
Citan-C (5) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_12_SingeShoot_Saat-Untersaat_Duenger
Single-shoot: sowing two seed types with fertiliser at one placement depth

Advantages of single-shoot:

  • Direct placement of fertiliser near the grain for good starter fertilisation or the easy availability of immobile nutrients
  • Companion crops for plant and yield protection
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Der richtige Antrieb (1) Dosierwalzen_1

The right drive system

Metering drive – mechanical or electric
The mechanically or electrically driven metering system guarantees a precise and uniform seed flow at seed rates ranging from 2 to 400 kg/ha, depending on the working speed. The three metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seeds. Other metering cassettes, for instance for maize or specialist crops, are also available.

The benefits:

  • Easy exchange of the metering cassettes
  • Calibration kit included as standard
  • Simple emptying of residual quantities via the separate outlet

Supplied as standard:

  1. 20 ccm: e.g. for rape, stubble turnips, lucerne
  2. 210 ccm: e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
  3. 600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat

Mechanical metering drive – reliable and tried-and-tested
The mechanical land wheel drive is a reliable but simple and cost-effective solution. The large diameter land wheel ensures an even, uninterrupted drive of the metering system.

Other metering cassettes to choose from:

Der richtige Antrieb (2) Doseirwalzen_2-1
7.5 ccm: for rape, linseed and poppies
Der richtige Antrieb (3) Doseirwalzen_2-2
120 ccm: For catch crops, maize and sunflowers

Der richtige Antrieb (4) Doseirwalzen_2_3
350 ccm: For fertiliser
Der richtige Antrieb (5) Doseirwalzen_2-4
660 ccm: For peas and beans

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Elektrischer Dosierantrieb (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_6736_d1_200922

Electric metering drive – ready for precision farming!

The electrically-driven metering enables easy adjustment of the seed rate from the tractor cab, pre-metering in field corners and calibration at the touch of a button.

The metering can even be provided automatically on a part-area, site-specific basis via application maps when equipped with ISOBUS. The calibration can be easily carried out on the machine via the TwinTerminal.

The benefits:

  • Easy adjustment of the seed rate from the tractor cab. Also, an alternative, automatically seed rate control on a part-area, site-specific basis via application maps
  • Easy calibration possible via TwinTerminal directly on the machine (only for Citan-C)
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Hoher Bedienkomfort (1) Citan12001_d0_kw_P8206997_d1_210107

High operating comfort – Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

AMAZONE offers Comfort-Pack 1, with its TwinTerminal 3.0, for the Citan-C with electric metering drive, in order to further simplify calibration and residue emptying. The small, additional TwinTerminal mounted directly on the machine offers a key advantage: the driver can now carry out the calibration and data input directly on the machine and no longer has to repeatedly get on and off the tractor.

The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dust proof housing with a 3.2" display and four large keys for actuation.

The benefits:

  • Easy calibration via the TwinTerminal without having to repeatedly get off and on the tractor
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