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Seedbed preparation and sowing – Stay flexible

The harrow-mounted seed drill can be combined with either a KE rotary harrow or the KX and KG rotary cultivators.

With various models of roller available, it is possible to specify a complete unit of soil tillage and drill that are perfectly matched to the prevailing soil conditions.

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KE 01 rotary harrow – The strong lightweight!

The KE 02-240 has 4 tine carriers per metre working width. The incoming power is evenly distributed across these rotors. The trailing tines produce an excellent crumb structure and level the soil surface perfectly. Above all, the new KE 02-240 with Rotamix demonstrates its advantages on heavy ground and is ideal for optimum seedbed preparation, especially after ploughing.


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KX Cultimix rotary cultivator

With the KX Cultimix rotary cultivator, in a 3 m working width and for tractors in the 190 hp class, a very flexible PTO-driven soil tillage implement now exists that can be used as a rotary cultivator or as a rotary harrow.

The KX Cultimix rotary cultivator is ideally suited for seedbed preparation on medium to heavy soils.


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KG Cultimix rotary cultivator

The KG Special rotary cultivators, in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m, are ideally suited for seedbed preparation on heavy soils and for mulch sowing.

The KG Super, in 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m working widths, is equipped with a high capacity gearbox for tractor horsepowers of up to 300 hp. The KG Super has reinforced tines as standard and can be ordered with hydraulic depth adjustment and oil cooler as options.


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An- und Aufbau – Clever, einfach und flexibel (1) AD-P3001_d0_kw_P9143574_d1_170921

Mounted or demounted – clever, simple and flexible

Thanks to the intelligent coupling system, the soil tillage implement can be very simply split within a few minutes from the harrow-mounted seed drill. So, the rotary harrow or rotary cultivator can be easily utilised for solo operation.

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The compact, value for money harrow-mounted seed drill

The AD-P Special pneumatic seed drill, with its compact design, has been developed for use on medium sized farms. Available in hopper capacities of either 850 l or 1,250 l, the AD-P Special can be increased in volume up to either 1,100 l or 1,500 l using the 250 l extension.

The pneumatic seed drill is mounted on to the soil tillage implement via a universal coupling triangle.

  1. Rotary cultivator (or from choice: rotary harrow)
  2. Trapezium roller (other rollers available from choice)
  3. RoTeC Control coulters (or from choice: WS suffolk coulters)
  4. Drag tine harrow
  5. Roller harrow

The benefits at a glance:

  • Compact design
  • Large, centralised seed hopper
  • Low lifting power requirement
  • Quick and easy filling and emptying
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Large capacity seed hopper

The seed hopper has a large fill opening. This allows quick and easy filling, even from big bags, front end loader buckets or small sacks. Sieves safely protect the metering system from foreign objects.

Comfortable filling

The particularly wide loading board, which is easily accessed via steps, simplifies the filling of the seed drill. The easy filling of the seed hopper can be carried out via a trailer mounted filling auger, from big bags or a loading shovel. The easy to handle roll-over cover protects the seed hopper from any ingress of dust and moisture.

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Hydraulic folding bout markers

The hydraulic marker changeover of all AD-P lifts the bout markers into the vertical position and then lowers each of them again in turn. In this way sowing is possible even on the headland and obstacles can be negotiated. In order to transfer the weight of the bout markers and thus the centre of gravity of the sowing combination nearer towards the tractor, the bout markers are fitted directly on the rotary cultivator or the rotary harrow. This design also results in another big advantage that the bout markers can also be used during solo operation of the soil tillage implement, for instance, when pre-working or when in conjunction with a precision air seeder. Thanks to the cranked arms the bout is perfectly marked even when working in coarse, very cloddy conditions. In addition, the arms, with their integrated sprung action reduce the strain during peak forces.

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