The tandem chassis of the UX 11201 Super

Das Tandemfahrwerk der UX 11201 Super (1) UX11200_Fahrwerk_d2_111012

Maximum effectiveness, accuracy and operating comfort

Hydro-pneumatic chassis – high-performance in the field and on the road
The hydro-pneumatic suspended chassis, in combination with the sprung drawbar, provide perfect driver comfort. The BPW axle assemblies, with standard fill level regulation, continuously adapt to the load conditions. The sprung drawbar has a high support load of 3 t and, in combination with the ball coupling (K80), facilitates strong traction by the tractor and smooth running of the machine. The machine has high rolling stability since the suspension cylinders are connected crosswise. The enclosed hydraulic system always ensures an equal load distribution to all 4 wheels. Possible track widths range between 2.00 and 2.25 m, and the wheel diameter can be up to 1.95 m.