The solution – AmaSelect CurveControl

AmaSelect CurveControl (2) Kurvenfahrten_mit_AmaSelect_CurveControl_d1_190829

The operation of the system is supplemented by a useful function specifically for bends in the form of CurveControl for the AmaSelect electric single nozzle control. In addition to the nozzle pressure, CurveControl uses sensors to determine the curve radius and automatically calculates the pressure adjustment for the changed flow rate. The system then balances the application rate in the boom independently of the part-width section by means of automatic nozzle changing in the boom.

Benefits of AmaSelect CurveControl:

  • Virtually uniform application rates when negotiating bends over the entire working width
  • Optimum crop management
  • Prevention of resistance caused by under-dosing

  1. Desired application rate

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