Super-L3 boom

Super-L3-Gestänge (1) L3_36m_Ausschnitt_links_pers_Duesenkoerper_d1_190109

In 36 m working width

The Super-L3 boom supplements the 36 m working width Super-L2. The outer and middle boom sections each have a length of 6 m, so that the Super-L3 boom is made up of only 3 sections each side. This makes it possible to use the 36 m Super-L3 boom also at a reduced working width of either 24 m or 12 m. The end boom sections come fully constructed in aluminium with additional bracing bars. This ensures very high robustness yet with a very low weight. 

  1. 12 m
  2. 24 m
  3. 36 m

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