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ContourControl – reduces those vertical boom movements: The AMAZONE ContourControl active boom guidance is a ground-breaking fully automatic boom guidance system for booms from 21 m working width. This meets the demand for higher precision during application owing to the lower target surface distances even at high forward speeds. ContourControl can be used with Super-L booms in conjunction with either Flex-fold 1 or Flex-fold 2.

The basis of the new boom guidance is the highly-responsive, electro-hydraulic system with either 4 sensors or in, combination with the Flex-fold 2, 2 additional sensors which allow control of any negative geometry.

The benefits of ContourControl:

  • Optimum lateral distribution
  • Precise, super-fast automatic height guidance
  • Target surface distance below 50 cm – less drift
  • Very quick folding processes
  • Higher accuracy at faster working speeds
  • Elegant boom control for those wider working widths

  1. The goal: the prevention of negative vertical boom movements
  2. The goal: the prevention of negative horizontal boom movements
  3. Ultrasound sensor for ContourControl
  4. Direction of travel
  5. Acceleration sensor for SwingStop
  6. SwingStop ram

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