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Tandem pump system – high performance combined with reliability

The UX Super is equipped with a low-maintenance tandem pump system. While one pump supplies the boom and the secondary agitator during spraying, the other pump vigorously agitates the tank contents via the main agitator. During the filling procedure at a nominal pump speed, the full pump capacity if available for filling the spray agent tank. At the same time, either the contents of the induction bowl can be drawn out via the venturi or the total fill capacity can be increased up to 900 l/min.

Benefits of a piston diaphragm pump:

  • Simple handling due to its self-priming capability at the start of the filling procedure
  • Very high, consistent application rates with system pressures of up to 10 bar 
  • Can run dry and is liquid-fertiliser proof 
  • Long service life
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Hohe Ausbringmengen dank HighFlow+ (1) HighFlow+_IMG_20180306_1536483_d1_190108

High application rates thanks to HighFlow+

The UX Super's intelligent control technology enables both pumps to be used for spraying while maintaining a high agitation capacity. If the usual maximum of 200 l/min at the spray line is not enough, the liquid flow created by the agitator pump is also automatically used in conjunction with the HighFlow+ option as and when required until the desired application rate is reached. The remaining capacity of the agitator pump continues to be used for agitating the liquid in the spray agent tank.

All components of the HighFlow+ system are completely integrated in the cleaning cycles of the UX 01 Super.

HighFlow+ equipment pack with a second pressure filter, additional flow measuring device and changed spray liquid routing:

  1. Second pressure filter
  2. Drain tap for pressure filter
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SmartCenter of the UXSuper

SmartCenter centralised operator station – including the induction bowl

The SmartCenter centralised operator station means that operation has never been so easy and comfortable. The SmartCenter with the induction bowl and the complete operator station including filling connections for suction and pressure filling are conveniently located centrally at the front and protected by the left-hand cover. The hood prevents dirt ingress and provides easy accessibility.

Advantages of the SmartCenter:

  • 2 dustproof storage compartments on the left-hand side – for added space and tidiness
  • 240 l lockable dustproof storage compartment with a removable intermediate shelf on the right-hand side
  • High-performance 60 l induction bowl
  • Optional LED lighting

"The huge storage compartment on the right is dustproof and even illuminated as an option - excellent!"
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 4201 Super" · 02/2020)

"The induction bowl has an enormous suction capacity and the filling speed is an impressive 705 l/min using the tandem pump and venturi. "
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 4201 Super" · 02/2020)

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Ihre Möglichkeiten (1) UX5201_Fendt_d0_kw_4717_d1_170821

All the equipment is designed for simple operation and maximum comfort

With its centralised SmartCenter operator station, the UX Super ensures that highly comfortable handling. Three operating concepts are available.

The options:

  • Standard-Pack
  • Comfort-Pack
  • Comfort-Pack plus
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SmartCenter with Standard-Pack – simple and intuitive operation

With the Standard-Pack the operation of the UX Super is carried out mainly via a suction and a pressure tap. The suction tap indicates from where the pump is going to draw from and correspondingly, the pressure tap indicates as to where the spray liquid will be pushed.

The benefits:

  • Easy access to the suction filter and the self-cleaning pressure filter
  • Self-explanatory operator controls ensure safe handling
  • Short fill times due to the high-performance 60 l induction bowl with a suction capacity of up to 200 l/min.
  • Homogeneous spray agent mixture thanks to the standard mixing nozzle in the bottom of the induction bowl 
  • 7-way pressure tap with cam and seat valve technology provides simple operation and a reliable filling procedure

The operational elements of the Standard-Pack of the UX Super:

  1. Induction bowl
  2. Control tap for pressure / 7-way pressure tap
  3. Control tap for venturi  
  4. Control tap for cleaning
  5. Control tap for agitator 
  6. Control tap for suction valve 
  7. Control tap for fill port for spray agent tank
  8. Control tap for fill port for fresh water tank 
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SmartCenter with Comfort-Pack – Operation made easy!

In conjunction with Comfort-Pack, the TwinTerminal 3.0 is also utilised. In addition, automatic fill stop for the suction fill is also included. As an option, fill stop is also available when pressure filling from a bowser. During application, the intensity of the agitation is regulated depending on the tank fill level. As the fill level decreases, the agitation capacity is automatically reduced down until it is completely switched off preventing the formation of foam at a low fill level. In addition, the automatic agitation regulation offers auto-dynamic agitator control. This means: the auxiliary agitator is closed when a higher application rate is required at the boom.

After the spraying operation is finished, Comfort-Pack provides fully automatic cleaning which can be controlled completely remotely from the tractor cab. Additional functions such as boom rinsing, the cleaning the spray liquid circuit from heavy deposits or a defined dilution of a subsequent tank mix in the field are all functions included within Comfort-Pack.

The benefits:

  • Operator-friendly TwinTerminal 3.0 for suction valve control
  • No foaming of the spray agent due to the automatic fill-level dependent control and switching off of the agitator
  • Always maximum capacity when spraying and agitating thanks to the auto-dynamic agitator control 
  • Comfortable filling of the spray agent and fresh water tanks via the automatic fill stop 
  • Remote-controlled, automatic cleaning programs for the complete sprayer wash-out

The operational elements for Comfort-Pack on the UX Super:

  1. Induction bowl
  2. Control tap for pressure / 7-way pressure tap
  3. Control tap for venturi
  4. TwinTerminal 3.0  
  5. Control tap for cleaning 
  6. Display for suction valve
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7-way pressure tap – safe switching with cam and seat valves

All sprayers with the Standard-Pack and Comfort-Pack are equipped with the particularly practical 7-way pressure valve. As oppose to a normal pressure tap, the in-house developed valve from AMAZONE consists of a cam and seat valves. Exclusively by swivelling in and out the handle on the pressure tap, the relevant liquid paths are reliably opened or closed.

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SmartCenter with Comfort-Pack plus

Operation with maximum convenience

Operation is made especially comfortable by Comfort-Pack plus. Instead of the operating taps, an operating terminal with touchscreen makes machine operation much easier. The complete control of the spray agent circuit is carried out solely via the pressure-sensitive touch screen which functions perfectly even when wearing gloves. The user just selects the desired function and the sprayer adjusts itself automatically! In the job computer, two individual filling profiles for different operators or applications can be stored. For filling then just the hose has to be coupled and the machine automatically fills the spray agent tank and fresh water rinse tank up to the desired tank fill level. As an option, the operator can select individually an adjustable pause in the filling of the spray agent tank.

“With very clear graphics for the tank, connections and liquid circuits, the operator is guided through the filling menus for the fresh water tank, spray agent tank and induction bowl – unique"
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super · 10/2017)

"The handling of the touch display – even with gloves (!) – is ingenious."
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super · 10/2017)

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Automatische und selbständige Reinigung (1)

Automatic and independent cleaning

The complete sprayer along with the induction bowl can be cleaned fully automatically. For this purpose, the UX Super with the Comfort-Pack plus is equipped with the following cleaning programmes: intensive clean, quick clean and boom rinsing. In addition, after every filling procedure, the induction bowl can rinse itself on its own.

"The press of a button starts the complete cleaning programme running where, not only are all the taps switched, but also the induction pipework and induction port are cleaned – very good!"
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super" · 10/2017)

"No matter whether it’s the pre-programmed ‘fill profiles’ or the automatic cleaning regime including the induction bowl – these things are unparalleled"
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super" · 10/2017)

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Fresh water pump – Continuous internal cleaning

In conjunction with Comfort-Pack plus and a load-sensing system, an optional 160 l/min capacity fresh water pump is available. This can be used to supply the induction bowl with fresh water from the fresh water tank during bowser filling. If a fresh water pump is specified, the fresh water tank and the spray agent tank can be filled in parallel via the suction hose. The additional fresh water pump also allows the constant cleaning of the UX Super.

The benefits:     

  • Simple operation: Choose the function and the machine adjusts everything fully automatically
  • Maximum comfort: Automatic filling and automatic fill stop for both suction and bowser filling
  • Maximum safety: Fully automatic cleaning of the entire machine including induction bowl
  • Maximum capacity: Automatic quick fill via the venturi when the chemical induction is completed
  • Auto-dynamic agitation control
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The induction bowl

High performing and efficient

The induction bowl is located directly in front of the control panel and holds 60 l. The conical form of the bowl with central outlet and an enormous suction rate of up to 200 l/min ensures fast and flawless filling and complete emptying.

Advantages of the induction bowl:

  • Suction rate of up to 200 l/min – for fast and trouble-free filling and complete emptying
  • Infinitely variable mixing nozzle – prevents any clogging of powdery and granular spray agents
  • Infinitely variable high-capacity rinse ring
  • The induction bowl can also be supplied with fresh water via an optional fresh water pump even when pressure filling from a bowser
  • Dust- and leak-proof induction bowl lid as a practical storage option with integrated drain-off device
  • Canister rinse nozzle with practical pressure plate for cleaning the measuring jug and canisters
  • Small contact area on the canister rinse nozzle where the nozzle can be activated for cleaning the canister neck

"Also other little details help during the cleaning procedure, such as the possibility to be able to flush the induction bowl with fresh water when pressure filling."
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super - 10/2017)

"The robust lid not only serves as a storage area for the measuring jug or as a shelf for Bitter salt bags, but also features supports to enable the rinsed canisters to drain – exemplary"
("profi" - Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super - 10/2017)

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Nothing has been forgotten

The canister rinse nozzle has a large support area, on which the nozzle can be activated by pressing canisters or measuring jugs in position. The top area of the canister rinse nozzle also has a small support area via which the nozzle can be activated to clean the canister neck. The dust- and liquid-tight lid on the induction bowl swivels sideways through 180° when opening and serves as a handy storage place with its brackets for measuring jugs and canisters. The integrated drain off facilities means that any residual liquid flows directly back into the induction bowl. Complete internal cleaning can be carried out with the aid of the canister rinse nozzle.

  • The spray lance, included in the standard execution, is positioned to the right hand side of the induction bowl.
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