SwingStop plus

SwingStop plus (3) Super_L3_mit_116401(117632)_CC_FlexII_SwingStop.967_d2_230623_CMS

SwingStop plus – independent boom tip swing compensation for both halves of the boom
A new swing compensation system is installed on Super-L3 booms in widths from 39 m which includes the new SwingStop plus boom tip swing compensation. This offers the well-known advantages of SwingStop but differs in that the movements of the two halves of the boom are hydraulically damped independently of each other in the direction of travel. This provides an even better basis for optimum longitudinal distribution of the application.

Reduction in symmetrical and asymmetrical vibrations
SwingStop plus can compensate for symmetrical oscillations which occur through acceleration and braking extremely effectively. The new design of the swing compensation system now permits the individual control of either boom half. In SwingStop plus, each boom section is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder which actively counteracts any oscillations which occur in that boom half. This means that even asymmetrical boom oscillations which occur after negotiating bends are effectively reduced.

SwingStop plus (1) SwingStop plus_1
Symmetrical oscillation mainly during field work

SwingStop plus (2) SwingStop plus_2
Asymmetrical oscillation mainly in and after bends

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