SmartCenter with Comfort-Pack – Operation with maximum convenience


The operating components of the Pantera with Comfort-Pack plus

  1. Induction bowl
  2. Hand lance pistol for rinsing out the induction bowl
  3. Closed Transfer System, pressure connection ¾ “
  4. Suction filter
  5. Self cleaning pressure filter
  6. TwinTerminal 7.0
  7. Soap dispenser
  8. Control tap for induction bowl
  9. Hand wash tank tap
  10. Fill port for fresh water tank incl. Gardena coupling
  11. Closed Transfer System, pressure connection 1”
  12. 3” Camlock suction port

The benefits:

  • Simple operation: Choose the function and the machine adjusts everything fully automatically
  • Maximum comfort: Automatic filling and automatic fill stop for both suction and bowser filling
  • Maximum safety: Fully automatic cleaning of the entire machine including induction bowl
  • Maximum capacity: Automatic quick fill via the venturi when the chemical induction is completed
  • Auto-dynamic agitation control

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