Comfort-Pack – simple and intuitive operation


In conjunction with Comfort-Pack, the TwinTerminal 3.0 is also utilised. In addition, automatic fill stop for the suction fill is also included. As an option, fill stop is also available when pressure filling from a bowser. During application, the intensity of the agitation is regulated depending on the tank fill level. As the fill level decreases, the agitation capacity is automatically reduced down until it is completely switched off preventing the formation of foam at a low fill level. In addition, the automatic agitation regulation offers auto-dynamic agitator control. This means: the auxiliary agitator is closed when a higher application rate is required at the boom. 

After the spraying operation is finished, Comfort-Pack provides fully automatic cleaning which can be controlled completely remotely from the cab. Additional functions such as boom rinsing, cleaning the spray liquid circuit from heavy deposits or a defined dilution of a subsequent tank mix in the field are all functions included within Comfort-Pack.

The benefits:

  • Comfortable filling of the spray agent and fresh water tanks via the automatic fill stop 
  • No foaming of the spray agent due to the automatic fill-level dependent control and switching off of the agitator
  • Always maximum capacity when spraying and agitating thanks to the auto-dynamic agitator control
  • Remote-controlled, automatic cleaning programs for the complete sprayer wash-out

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