AmaSelect Row and CurveControl

AmaSelect Row und CurveControl (1) UX6201_Bandspritzung_Case_d0_kw_DJI_0288_d2_230523_CMS

The perfect combination in practice!

Full-width application with AmaSelect CurveControl in the outer area
Comprehensive full-width application is recommended for the outer area of fields. The advantages of CurveControl are particularly evident in fields with curves. Furthermore, obstacles at the edge of the field can be avoided during full-width application without any problems. In addition to this, the matching to the seed drill is not always exact on the headland. This has a negative effect on band spraying.

Changing to band application at the touch of a button
The material can then be sparingly applied in the inner area of the field with AmaSelect Row. The full-width application can be easily changed to band application on the terminal for this purpose. Absolutely straight rows and exact matching up to the seed drill are the prerequisites for the use of AmaSelect Row. The application rate is automatically adjusted in this respect.

The particular features of band application

The perfect use of band application depends on several factors:

1. The nozzles must be at the right application height when they come on. 

  • Automatic boom lowering with the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and GPS-Switch

2. Precise maintenance of the distance to the target surface required for a uniform band width and even concentration of the plant protection agent 

  • ContourControl active boom guidance for the optimum target surface distance

3. Smooth boom ride over the entire working width 

  • SwingStop vibration damping for reducing the horizontal boom movement

4. Precise vertical alignment of the nozzles directly over the band 

  • Flexible extension kit for precise alignment of the nozzles in all row spacings

AmaSelect Row und CurveControl (2) Grafik_Bandapplikation_Flaechenapplikation_CMS
Band application in the inner area, full-width application with CurveControl in the outer area of the field

AmaSelect Row und CurveControl (3) Band- und Flaechenapplikation_CMS
Individual nozzle control in band application for perfect application in wedge-shaped fields and short work

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