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Intelligent spray liquid management: integrated into the total concept

Optimised for professional use

The 4,500 litre spray agent tank (actual volume 4,800 litre), deeply positioned in the frame, ensures a favourable centre of gravity and an even weight transmission on to all four wheels of the Pantera. The spray agent and fresh water tank consist of high grade glass fibre reinforced plastic with smooth internal and external walls. The low positioned outlet sump ensures smallest residual volumes even in sloping terrain. Electronic fill level indication and four rotating high-pressure nozzles for internal cleaning are standard. The 500 litre fresh water tank with fill level indicator is located at the rear of the Pantera.

  1. Cleaning nozzles
  2. Agitator
  3. Fill level sensor
  4. Venturi
  5. Exhaust gas system
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Leistungsstarke Pumpen (1) 19-09-19 07-21-49 6942_d2_190930

High capacity pumps

The two high-capacity piston diaphragm pumps (520 l/ min) ensure that is it also possible to spray at high water rates and at high forward speeds and yet sufficient agitator capacity is still available. The pump rotation speed from 380 to 580 rpm can be chosen in the AmaDrive terminal.

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External wash kit

A spray lance on a 20 m long hose is used to clean off the outside of the self-propelled sprayer immediately after work whilst still in the field. In addition, a 20 l hand wash container with soap dispenser is provided.

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Bowser fill connection with automated fill stop

The automated fill stop prevents overfilling of the machine when drawing in via the suction hose as well as when filling under pressure. The bowser fill connection is located up front in the storage compartment, which allows pressure filling from the edge of the field without having to fold in the boom.

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HighFlow – brings new levels in performance

To double the maximum application rates both the pumps can be switched into parallel. The HighFlow option opens up a new dimension in output.

  • It allows large quantities of liquid fertiliser to be applied at higher speeds.
  • For vegetable applications, then rates of 2,000 l/ha at 5 -6 km/h are possible.
  • The large rates are only possible with an additional spray line giving twice the number of nozzles, placed 25 cm apart.
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Die Bedienelemente des Pantera mit Comfort-Paket 2 (1) Pantera_4502_d0_kw_3573_d2_190930

The operator station: well organised and automated

The operating components of the Pantera with Comfort-Pack 2

  1. Drip-free coupling port on the suction side*
  2. Self cleaning pressure filter
  3. Button for spray agent pump
  4. Fresh water fill port
  5. Auxiliary agitator
  6. Quick-emptying device
  7. 3" suction port
  8. Comfort-Pack 2 additional display*
  9. Electrically-controlled pressure valve
  10. Suction filter
  11. Pump
  12. Button for lifting the induction bowl hydraulically*
  13. Control valve injector for induction bowl draw out
  14. Control valve induction bowl draw out
  15. Hand lance pistol for rinsing out the induction bowl

* Optional equipment

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Comfort-Paket 1 (1) TwinTerminal_4500L_d2_190816

Comfort-Pack 1

With the Comfort-Pack 1, the Pantera features professional equipment for the automation of the spray agent liquid circuit. The most important functions of the liquid circuit (filling, agitator intensity and cleaning) are performed by remote control using the operator terminal and the TwinTerminal.

Advantages of Comfort-Pack 1:

  • Automatic fill stop, convenient and accurate!
  • Operation via the TwinTerminal
  • Automatic agitator control prevents foaming and ensures minimal residual spray volumes
  • Remote-controlled, automated cleaning from the cab
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Comfort-Paket 2 (1) Pantera4503_d0_kw_PC101993_d2_190815

Comfort Pack 2

Comfort-Pack 2 with additional fresh water pump for more comfort during filling and washing out is faster, cleaner and even easier. All functions of Comfort-Pack 2 are operated through the AmaDrive vehicle terminal. An additional display at the operator station helps input the desired fill levels from ground level.

Additional advantages of Comfort-Pack 2:

  • Additional fresh water pump
  • Continual fresh water at the canister rinse nozzle 
  • Continual fresh water at the external wash kit
  • Completely automatic cleaning procedure with continuous internal cleaning
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Einspülbehälter und Power-Injektor (1) Pantera_Details_d0_kw_8942_d2_190930

Induction bowl and power injector

A rinse ring in the lip of the induction bowl plus additional nozzles dissolves powdered active ingredients and allows sizeable quantities of urea to be quickly and reliably inducted directly through the venturi. Use of the rotating nozzle in the canister rinsing system ensures easy cleaning of the spray agent canister and full use of the canister contents. The closed induction bowl can be rinsed for self-cleaning purposes. When closed, the lid of the induction bowl is sealed, so that no dirt can penetrate into the system.

"The induction bowl is so comfortable to operate."
(dlz magazine "Test report 4502" 02/2016)

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The plant protection sector will have to change in the future

The plant protection sector will have to change in the future. Plant protection is an important part of agriculture in securing high yields and optimum quality. Due to the increasing world population, both factors play an enormous role in securing food supply.