Part-width section control | Individual nozzle control

Electrically remote controlled TG part-width section valves

The TG part-width valve chest with up to 13 part-width sections is available with ISOBUS control. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and drip-free via electric motor valves with pressure relief. The spray rate is precisely and quickly controlled directly by the machine’s job computer in all situations.

Single and multi-nozzle bodies
The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. The 3-fold or 4-fold nozzle bodies are suited to frequent nozzle changes due to different applications and crops. 

AMAZONE offers a wide range of nozzles from agrotop, Lechler and TeeJet.

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DUS pressure recirculation system

The DUS pressure recirculation system – proven more than 10,000 times

The AMAZONE DUS pressure recirculation system ensures a reliable circulation throughout the entire system. When starting the spraying operation, all the hoses including the spray lines are filled under pressure in the reverse direction with the mixed spray agent. This means the spray lines are always full and immediately ready to use over the entire working width. There is no waiting on the headland.

Every time individual part-width sections are shut off, during the turning operation and during transport, the spray liquid circulates continually thanks to the pressure recirculation system. This reliably prevents deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines.

During the cleaning operation, fresh water flushes the spray lines out right up to the nozzles without any spraying being necessary. During this cleaning procedure, the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank via the pressure recirculation system leaving the spray lines clean.

DUS pressure recirculation system with part-width section switched off

The spray agent is fed to the pressure reduction valve by the pressure regulator and flows through the non-return valve at low pressure (0.8 bar). The spray agent flows back to the tank through the spray lines. The individual nozzle bodies remain securely shut, since the diaphragm non-return valves only open from 1.0 bar.

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Serienmäßig mit Druck-Umlauf-System DUS pro (1) Amaswitch_d0_kw_0354_d1_160705_CMS

AmaSwitch – Electric individual nozzle switching with 50 cm part-width sections

The simple solution for automatic 50 cm part-width section control

With AmaSwitch, AMAZONE offers the precise solution for automatic part-width section control on 50 cm sections. AmaSwitch is the ideal alternative for users who want to maximise the benefits of very precise switching in wedge shaped fields and areas of overlap, thanks to the 50 cm part-width section control.

AmaSwitch includes the DUS pro high-pressure recirculation system as standard and can also be equipped with LED individual nozzle lighting.

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DUS pro (1) AmaSwitch_Schema_001_d0_20170105

Equipped with DUS pro pressure recirculation system as standard

With DUS pro, the spraying pressure is constant right up to each individual nozzle and at the set spraying pressure. Thanks to the conical spray lines, minimal residual spray volumes are achieved.

Conical spray line:
The dimensions of the spray line vary along the boom

  • Minimum residual volumes
  • Even flow speed

  1. 15 millimeters
  2. 24 millimeters
  3. 24 millimeters
  4. 20 millimeters
  5. 16 millimeters
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3-fold nozzle body, with electric on/off switching

The technology behind AmaSwitch is based on a conventional, manually rotated, 3-fold nozzle body with electric individual on/off. The opening and closing is achieved via an electric valve which is fixed directly onto the nozzle body. In conjunction with GPS-Switch, it is thus possible to very precisely control 50 cm part-width sections in short work and on the headland. In addition to the automatic switching using 50 cm part-width sections, it is also possible to configure the amount of part-width sections from choice.

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4-fold nozzle body with electric on/off switching

In addition to the 3-fold nozzle body, AmaSwitch electric single nozzle control can also be equipped with a 4-fold nozzle body. 

With true 25 cm nozzle spacing
The 4-fold nozzle body enables a perfect 25 cm nozzle spacing to be achieved with the aid of the optional extension kit. In conjunction with special 80° nozzles, this offers the benefit of reducing the boom to target surface distance down to less than 50 cm.

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AmaSelect – Electric individual nozzle control with 50 cm part-width section and nozzle switching

Quad nozzle body with automatic electric nozzle switching

The electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control consists of a quad nozzle body with electric on/off control plus the additional switching over of either a nozzle or a combination of nozzles. In addition to the 50 cm part-width sections, which can be switched automatically via GPS-Switch, the system offers electrical switching between the four mounted nozzles via the operator terminal or even completely automatically if the forward speed or application rate is changed. This offers the possibility, for instance when leaving the optimum pressure range of a nozzle, to switch on a second nozzle or to changeover to a larger nozzle.

  1. Motor housing
  2. Anti-drip diaphragm
  3. Power supply
  4. Nozzle body
  5. Spray line
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Flexible configuration of working widths and part-width sections

AmaSelect enables any number of part-width sections with any number of nozzles to be freely configured. So for farmers or agricultural contractors with different tramline systems, a simple matching of the nozzle switching with the relevant working width is possible.

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Automatic 50 cm part-width section control via GPS-Switch with Section Control

The automatic control of individual nozzles in 50 cm part-width sections is made possible by combining the AmaSelect individual nozzle control with GPS-Switch (with Section Control). This enables the amount of overlap to be considerably reduced, meaning that there is a significant saving in spray agent.

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With true 25 cm nozzle spacing

As an option, the AmaSelect nozzle body can also be equipped with an off-set kit giving 25 cm nozzle spacing. This offers the benefit in combination with specific 80° or 90° nozzles of reducing the boom to target surface distance to less than 50 cm. 

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AmaSwitch – Electric individual nozzle switching with 50 cm part-width sections

The simple solution for automatic 50 cm part-width section control
With AmaSwitch, AMAZONE offers the precise solution for automatic part-width section control on 50 cm sections. AmaSwitch is the ideal alternative for users who want to maximise the benefits of very precise switching in wedge shaped fields and areas of overlap, thanks to the 50 cm part-width section control.

AmaSwitch includes the DUS pro high-pressure recirculation system as standard and can also be equipped with LED individual nozzle lighting.

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HeightSelect (1) Spritzhoehe_Schema_d1_161230_145pro


With the aid of HeightSelect (only in conjunction with AmaSelect), the distance between the boom and the target crop is now also continuously adjusted automatically depending on the nozzle spacing and nozzle type. When the nozzle has been switched on, the automatic boom guidance system controls the appropriate target distance. This automisation improves the efficiency of the crop protection agent used as well as decisively relieving the stress on the driver.

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High-End in Serie

High-End as standard – LED individual nozzle lighting and DUS pro

AmaSelect is equipped with the DUS pro high-pressure recirculation system and LED individual nozzle lighting as standard.

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Crop protection technology of the future is already here

The AmaSelect individual nozzle control offers the potential for absolute precision by utilising the additional optional AmaSelect CurveControl, AmaSelect Row and AmaSelect Spot functions.

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Example calculation for various part-width sections

Annual average overlaps of conventional part-width sections vs 50 cm part-width sections in combination with Section Control

Important knowledge for field analysis

  • Average overlap with 50 cm part-width sections only 1.92 %
  • Average overlap with 9 part-width sections 7 %
  • Short payback period for large farms due to annual saving potential
  • Due to smaller field sizes, smaller farms save proportionally more
  • When growing crops with a high crop protection demand, e.g. potatoes, sugar beet, 50 cm part-width sections are particularly cost-effective


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AmaSelect CurveControl

AmaSelect CurveControl offers a precise solution for keeping the application rate as constant as possible across the whole of the working width when driving round bends. The CurveControl function is equipped as standard in conjunction with AmaSelect individual nozzle control and ContourControl active boom guidance.

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Over- and under-dosing when negotiating bends

In the past, the distribution of plant protection products when driving round bends has led to an over-application on the inside of the bend and an under-application on the outside of the bend. The problem increases with increasing boom widths. Over-applying on the inside of the boom must be viewed more critically, as potential overdose levels of more than 300% are possible.

In addition to the nozzle pressure, AmaSelect CurveControl uses sensors to determine the curve radius and automatically calculates the pressure adjustment for the changed flow rate. The system then balances the application rate in the boom independently of the part-width section by means of automatic nozzle changing in the boom. 

The benefits:

  • Virtually uniform application rates when negotiating bends over the entire working width
  • Optimum crop management
  • Prevention of resistance caused by under-dosing
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AmaSelect Row

Accurate band spraying at the press of a button to reduce usage of plant protection agents

Row-specific band spraying
AMAZONE offers the AmaSelect Row function for remote switching between row-specific band spraying and full-width application for the AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control. Row-specific band spraying with special 40° nozzles makes it possible to reduce the consumption of plant protection agents by up to 65 %.

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Verschiedene Reihenabstände (1) Maschinenbedienung_Bandspritzung Kartoffel

Different row spacings

Row specific applications in crops with a 50 cm row spacing can very easily be implemented without any further retooling. However, the optional off-set kit for the AmaSelect nozzle body to give a 25 cm nozzle spacing also enables band applications to be implemented in crops with a 75 cm row width. Only the nozzles at the desired spacing are switched on for that purpose. Alternative row widths, e.g. 45 cm for sugar beet, can also be realised with an additional nozzle arrangement and a connecting hose.

  1. Traditional full-width application
  2. Band application in sugar beet 50 cm
  3. Band application in potatoes 75 cm
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Maximaler Bedienkomfort (1) Befüllmenue_d2_200723

Maximum operational comfort

Via the fill menu, the area to be treated by band and full-width spraying as well as the desired application rates of the two types of spraying is stored, and the required filling quantity is automatically calculated so as to minimise residual spray volumes. The row spacing, spraying angle and application height of the nozzles are easily adjusted via a separate menu in the ISOBUS machine controller. The selection of the right nozzle and the associated nozzle positions to the band needing to be treated is carried out automatically. It is then possible to switch between band and full-width spraying in a matter of seconds at the push of a button on the ISOBUS terminal.

Advantages of AmaSelect Row:

  • Highly efficient band spraying in row crops – and all at the touch of a button
  • Different row spacings possible thanks to the optional off-set kit at 25 cm
  • High operating comfort with an integrated filling menu with fill quantity calculation
  • Reduction in plant protection agent usage by up to 65 %
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AmaSelect Row und CurveControl (1) UX6201_Bandspritzung_Case_d0_kw_DJI_0288_d2_230523_CMS

AmaSelect Row and CurveControl

The perfect combination in practice!

Full-width application with AmaSelect CurveControl in the outer area
Comprehensive full-width application is recommended for the outer area of fields. The advantages of CurveControl are particularly evident in fields with curves. Furthermore, obstacles at the edge of the field can be avoided during full-width application without any problems. In addition to this, the matching to the seed drill is not always exact on the headland. This has a negative effect on band spraying.

Changing to band application at the touch of a button
The material can then be sparingly applied in the inner area of the field with AmaSelect Row. The full-width application can be easily changed to band application on the terminal for this purpose. Absolutely straight rows and exact matching up to the seed drill are the prerequisites for the use of AmaSelect Row. The application rate is automatically adjusted in this respect.

The particular features of band application

The perfect use of band application depends on several factors:

1. The nozzles must be at the right application height when they come on. 

  • Automatic boom lowering with the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and GPS-Switch

2. Precise maintenance of the distance to the target surface required for a uniform band width and even concentration of the plant protection agent 

  • ContourControl active boom guidance for the optimum target surface distance

3. Smooth boom ride over the entire working width 

  • SwingStop vibration damping for reducing the horizontal boom movement

4. Precise vertical alignment of the nozzles directly over the band 

  • Flexible extension kit for precise alignment of the nozzles in all row spacings

AmaSelect Row und CurveControl (2) Grafik_Bandapplikation_Flaechenapplikation_CMS
Band application in the inner area, full-width application with CurveControl in the outer area of the field

AmaSelect Row und CurveControl (3) Band- und Flaechenapplikation_CMS
Individual nozzle control in band application for perfect application in wedge-shaped fields and short work

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AmaSelect Spot (1) Drohneneinsatz3_d1_190813

AmaSelect Spot

Part-area, site-specific plant protection treatment on the basis of spot application maps

Part-area, site-specific weed treatment
To reduce the use of crop protection agents, AMAZONE offers AmaSelect Spot, a individual nozzle control system which allows part-area, site-specific weed treatment based on highly accurate spot application maps. External service providers produce the spot maps.

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Flächenerfassung und Erstellung von Spotkarten für die Unkrautbehandlung (1)

Scanning the area and creation of spot maps for weed treatment

In the first step, the field to be treated is scanned and a spot application map created. Depending on the service provider, various processes are used for scanning the area in this first step, such as overflying with a drone, by satellite or via special sensor booms.

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Zielgerichtete Spot-Applikation (1) Amapad2_d0_kw_P7231854_5_d2_230829_CMS

Targeted spot application

In the second step, weeds are spot-treated across the surface area. All that is required for this is to load the spot application map in the ISOBUS operator terminal. Unlike blanket treatment approaches, AmaSelect individual nozzle switching lets you treat only those areas where there are actually weeds.

Benefits of AmaSelect Spot:

  • Precise spot treatment of weeds with a standard Amazone crop protection sprayer
  • Reduction in plant protection agent usage by up to 80 %
  • Better protection of the environment
  • Minimal residual spray volumes, thanks to exact planning of the application rate using the spot application maps
  • Prevention of resistance build-up thanks to small spot applications with 100% plant protection agent concentration
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