flexible – water-conserving – precise

Flexibler – Wassersparender – Präziser (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0477_d1_200417_Applikationskarte
3 hoppers, 3 placement positions

Professional crop production is faced with ever greater challenges: The new Fertiliser Directive and the withdrawal of individual plant protection agents on the one hand, with increasing resistance on the other, as well as extreme climatic events such as severe drought, are just a few examples.

This means that crop production methods, crop rotation, plant protection and fertilisation practices as well as the strategy for crop establishment needs to be reviewed and changed if necessary. The seed drill plays a key role here. This is because perfect sowing is the basis for maximum yields.

See for yourself!

Flexibler (1) Icons_Produkticons_Cirrus03_neg_d1_200430

The trailed Cirrus universal combination comes into its own, not only in single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing, but also in water-conserving minimum-till sowing in strips or without any preceding seedbed preparation. The application of up to 3 different materials at up to 3 placement depths in the triple-shoot process can also be implemented to perfection with the Cirrus. In addition to the seed, the Cirrus also provides the option of applying very precise amounts of fertiliser at different entry points and the application of different seed types and undersown crops in a single pass. In addition to this, the seed rates of the individual seed types or of seed and fertiliser can be tailored on a part-area, site-specific basis by means of application maps.

Sowing without limits!

The divided twin outlet pressurised hopper of the Cirrus-CC and additional use of the GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box mean that up to three materials can be simultaneously applied independently of each other in different placement depths.

The following are examples of modern agronomic practices: 

  • Nurse crops: Cereal crop + grass or legumes
  • Companion plants: Rape + linseed, legumes, phacelia, …
  • Catch crop mixtures: Coarse and fine seeds, shallow and deep germinators

A large number of possibilities for combining seed and fertiliser, e.g.:

  • Starter fertiliser in the seed row (single-shoot)
  • Fertiliser deposited between the rows (double-shoot)
  • Sowing of two seed types with fertiliser (triple-shoot)

See more: Cirrus 6003-2CC with GreenDrill 501 in work.

AMAZONE Precision TODAY: Cirrus universal seeding combination

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Cirrus 6003-2CC with Minimum TillDisc and GreenDrill 501 in work

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360 degree all-round visibility

A wide variety of agronomic methods are easy to implement with the Cirrus:

Single-shoot: Via the sowing coulter
Double-shoot: Via the sowing coulter + fertiliser coulter or GreenDrill, e.g. via baffle plates
Triple-shoot: Via the sowing coulter + fertiliser coulter + GreenDrill, e.g. via baffle plates

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (1) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_01_Nur_Saat_d1_200421_A
Seed only

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (2) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_02_SingleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421_B
Single-shoot: Drilling seed with fertiliser at one placement depth

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (3) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_03_SingleShoot_Saat-Untersaat_d1_200421_C
Single-shoot: Sowing two seed types at one placement depth

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (4) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_04_DoubleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421_D
Double-shoot: sowing two seed types with fertiliser at different placement depths

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (5) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_05_DoubleShoot_Untersaat_d1_200421_E
Double-shoot: Sowing two seed types in one placement horizon

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (6) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_06_DoubleShoot_Untersaat_ueber_GreenDrill_d1_200506_F
Double-shoot: sowing two seed types at different placement depths via the GreenDrill

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (7) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_07_SingleShoot+DoubleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421_H
Combination of single-shoot and double-shoot: Combined sowing of seed and fertiliser at two different placement depths

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (8) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_08_TripleShoot_Duenger_d1_200506_I
Triple-shoot: sowing two seed types with fertiliser at different placement depths

Aussat ohne Grenzen (12) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_11_TripleShoot_Duenger_Kombi_d1_200506
Triple-shoot: Sowing two seed types with fertiliser at three different placement depths

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (9) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_09_TripleShoot_Saatgut_d1_200506_J
Triple-shoot: sowing three different seed types at different placement depths

Aussaat ohne Grenzen! (10) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_10_Binaere_Saat_d1_200421_K
Binary sowing: Through variation of the placement depth – one coulter deeper/one coulter shallower - two different seed types can be placed at different depths

Seed and fertiliser flexibly combined

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_DJI_0332_d1_190816
Cirrus 6003-2CC

Excellent root development through application of fertiliser

The different entry points mean that fertiliser and additional seed types can be precisely placed between the rows in different placement depths via the FerTeC fertiliser coulter using the single-shoot or double-shoot process.

  1. Pressurised tank 1
  2. Pressurised tank 2
  3. GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box
  4. Seed baffle plates for the GreenDrill 501
  5. TwinTeC+ double disc coulter
  6. FerTeC single disc coulter

Advantages of single-shoot:

  • Direct placement of fertiliser near the grain for good starter fertilisation or the easy availability of immobile nutrients

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (2)

Advantages of double-shoot:

  • Fertiliser placed deeper extends the availability of the fertiliser owing to slower conversion
  • Phosphate and ammonium, which are often deficient in arable farming regions, attract the roots of the plant. An initial dose of DAP (diammonium phosphate) will, for example, promote good root development

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (3) Double_Shoot

Combination of single-shoot and double-shoot:

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (4)
Single-shoot & double-shoot

Undersown crops for plant and yield protection

Undersown crops enable the weed pressure to be minimised and erosion control increased by sowing companion crops via the double-shoot or triple-shoot process. The simultaneous sowing of legumes for nitrogen fixation is also interesting in this respect.

  • The goal is a reduction in the use of fertiliser and plant protection agents

Advantages of double-shoot in undersowing: 
(e.g. sowing spring cereals/oats in combination with clover)

  • Clover suppresses weeds through early soil coverage
  • Spring cereals grow through the clover
  • The clover can be harvested after the cereal crop

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (5) Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (5) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_06_DoubleShoot_Untersaat_ueber_GreenDrill_d1_200506
Double-shoot when undersowing
Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (8) IMG_0893_d1_200602

Advantages of triple-shoot:
(e.g. sowing rape together with field beans and a companion crop mixture of phacelia and buckwheat)

  • Rape in the upper horizon as a main crop
  • Field beans sown deeply via the fertiliser coulter as a nitrogen fixer
  • Companion plants sown on the surface for weed suppression

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (6) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_09_TripleShoot_Saatgut_d1_200506

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (9) PA250517_d1_200602

Advantages of using companion crops / undersown crops:

Flexible Kombination von Saatgütern und Dünger (10) Triple_Shoot

  • Greater biodiversity
  • Less soil erosion
  • Better protection against moisture loss
  • Improved crumb structure
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Fewer crop protection measures
  • CO₂ binding, generation of organic matter
  • Increase in photosynthetic activity

Conserving water with the Minimum TillDisc

The Minimum TillDisc cuts the soil and residues in front of the seed rows with the wavey profile of the disc bringing moist earth up from deeper directly to the seed row without moving a lot of soil.

Minimum TillDisc (2) MinimumTillDisc_Fahrspur_d1_200602

  • Soil tillage and placement of the seed is provided in the same row
  • For minimal and therefore water-conserving soil tillage – ideal for arid locations
  • Placement of the seed in the moist sowing horizon to promote better germination
  • Reduces soil erosion and protects the soil from evaporation
  • Exceptional easy pulling characteristics – fuel-efficient

Better water utilisation thanks to strip-wise cultivation with the Minimum TillDisc

Minimum TillDisc (3) Feldaufgang_nach_Cirrus_MinimumTillage_d0_kw_PC102034_d1_200602
Minimum TillDisc (4) Feldaufgang_nach_Cirrus_MinimumTillage_d0_kw_PC102034_d1_200602

The right choice of soil tillage tool

Minimum TillDisc (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_DJI_0330_d1_191026
Cirrus 6003-2CC

  1. Leading tyre packer
  2. Disc element with either Minimum TillDisc or the coarse- or fine-serrated discs
  3. FerTeC single disc coulter
  4. Matrix tyres
  5. TwinTeC+ double disc coulter or RoTeC pro single disc coulter
  6. Seed baffle plates for the GreenDrill 501

In addition to the Minimum TillDisc disc element, the Cirrus can be used with other soil tillage tools depending on the soil conditions and sowing process. The disc elements can also be easily changed. It goes without saying that the Cirrus can also be used without soil tillage.

The individually suspended discs provide effective and even mixing of the soil and the production of fine soil. The working depth can be comfortably changed from the tractor seat thanks to the hydraulic depth adjustment.

Coarse- or fine-serrated disc element
Minimum TillDisc (5) Cirrus_3003_Compact_Case_d0_kw__8071390_d1_1001

  • For good soil mixing
  • Good crumbling and levelling effect
  • Soil loosening
  • Weed control

Strip-wise reconsolidation with the Matrix tyres

Good reconsolidation plays an important role in sowing. Firstly, it provides a uniform and level seedbed. Secondly, it promotes optimum seed/soil contact and a good supply of nutrients and water to the plants.

Matrix-Reifen (3) Cirrus_6003-2_TwinTec_d0_kw_8397_d1_191029_beileger
Matrix tyres in action
Matrix-Reifen (2) Matrix_Reifen_001_d1_130812
Matrix tyres

Matrix tyres – optimal in times of extreme weather conditions!

Matrix-Reifen (1) Matrix_001_3Reifen_125erAbstand_d1_130808
Gezielte, streifenweise Rückverfestigung

  • Systematic strip-wise reconsolidation through the arrangement of the cleats in the seed row 
  • Good reconsolidation is important, especially in dry years, in order to be able to use the residual soil moisture
  • Matrix tyres produce fine soil for optimum germination conditions
  • Optimum weight distribution prevents soil compaction
  • High forward speeds up to 40 km/h, even with a full tank

  1. Row spacing 12.5 cm: Plants at a row spacing of 12.5 cm
  2. Row spacing 16.6 cm: Plants at a row spacing of 16.6 cm

The right sowing coulter for any application

There is a choice of two precision sowing coulters: Apart from the universal RoTeC pro single disc coulter especially designed for use on cohesive soils, the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter for high forward speeds is also available.

Choosing the right row spacing plays a key role, both in conventional and ecological cultivation. In addition to the 16.6 cm row spacing, a spacing of 12.5 cm be selected for both coulter systems, in order to obtain quick coverage and therefore quick smother by the seed rows.

Advantages of the RoTeC pro single disc coulter

Säschar (1) RoTec_pro_Exaktstriegel_114_d1_190913
Einscheiben-Säschar RoTeC pro

  1. Exact adjustment in 4 steps
  2. Optional Y-piece for a second seed type via GreenDrill
  3. Reinforced support arm with a coulter pressure of up to 55 kg, hydraulic coulter pressure setting
  4. "Control" 25 mm or 10 mm depth control and cleaning roller for an even planting depth
  5. Furrow former for a clean profile seed furrow
  6. Sowing disc ∅ 400 mm made of boron steel, working angle of 7°, for smooth operation of the coulter
  7. Exact harrow for excellent seed coverage

Säschar (3) Cirrus_3003_Compact_Case_d0_kw__8071234_d1_200528
RoTeC pro single disc coulter in action

  • High-performance single disc coulter for wet and cohesive soil types
  • High level of self-cleaning through the depth guidance roller
  • Decoupling of coulter guidance and reconsolidation
  • 55 kg extra coulter pressure
  • Hydraulic coulter pressure setting
  • Up to 16 km/h

The RoTeC coulter system: tried and tested 1,500,000 times over!

Advantages of the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter

TwinTec+ (1) TwinTecPlus_Scharstriegel_112_d1_1909131
Doppelscheiben-Säschar TwinTeC+

  1. Hard metal inner scraper
  2. Hydraulic coulter pressure setting from 0 to 100 kg
  3. Removable seed guide
  4. Maintenance-free bearings, no lubrication points on maintenance-free coulter
  5. Double disc ∅ 380 mm, large diameter for very smooth running
  6. Extended guide for precise seed delivery
  7. Seed catcher
  8. Coulter harrow with adjustable angle
  9. Wheel carrier with Control+ depth control roller in widths of 50, 65 or 75 mm

Säschar (4) Cirrus_6003-2_TwinTec_d0_kw_8386_d1_160530_erweitert
TwinTeC+ double disc sowing coulter in work

  • High forward speeds of up to 20 km/h with precise placement
  • Hydraulic contour adjustment of the sowing coulter
  • 100 kg coulter pressure for precise and consistent placement
  • Hydraulic remote adjustment of the coulter pressure
  • Maintenance-free
  • Centralised placement depth adjustment

Better precision with electric metering

Mehr Präzision (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_P7118656_60_63_d1_19082
Cirrus 6003-2CC

Precise and comfortable metering also facilitates any repetition of work with the machine. In addition to a wide selection of different metering rollers for sowing wheat to hemp, you can utilise various comfortable calibration options.

Metering cassettes for different seed types

  • Quicker and easier change of the metering rollers is possible even with a full tank
  • Easy to access
  • Quick-emptying device for seed residues
  • Metering rollers can be used for both Cirrus and GreenDrill

Mehr Präzision (2) Cirrus6003_GreenDrill_GD501_d0_kw_P5096303_d1_190809


Mehr Präzision (3) Cirrus_Dsierwalzen

Various metering rollers

  • 7.5 ccm: for rape, linseed and poppies
  • 20 ccm: e.g. for rape, stubble turnips, lucerne
  • 120 ccm: For catch crops, maize and sunflowers
  • 210 ccm: e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
  • 350 ccm: For fertiliser
  • 600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat
  • 660 ccm: For peas and beans

Universal use with segmented distributor head

  • Quick and reliable seed delivery, since the distributor head is positioned directly over the coulters
  • Asymmetrical tramlines on one half of the machine without an undesirable seed rate reduction
  • Electric half-width shut-off combined with GPS-Switch and AutoPoint minimises overlaps and misses
  • Minimisation of dust formation in the seed hopper because no seed is rerouted

Mehr Präzision (4) Cirrus3003compact_d0_kw_DJI_0516_d1_171018
Segmented distributor head

Comfortable, precise calibration

  • MySeeder App or TwinTerminal: saves many a trip to the cab when calibrating
  • Each hopper is precisely calibrated in turn

Mehr Präzision (5) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_P7118674_d1_190821
MySeeder App
Mehr Präzision (6) TwinTerminal_001_d1_141222


The intelligent option in seeding

AMAZONE 4.0 (2) Cirrus6003_GreenDrill_GD501_d0_kw_P5096339_d1_190812
AmaTron 4

  • ISOBUS machine actuation
  • GPS-Switch controls the switching on and off of the metering on headlands and in wedge shaped fields depending on the machine position. This minimises overlaps
  • AutoPoint – for optimum switching points on the headland
  • Staggered shutdown of the individual metering units for seed and fertiliser through the MultiBoom function
  • Seed pipe monitoring – to prevent sowing errors
  • TramlineControl – automatic detection and switching of the tramline for easier driving
  • GPS-Track: driving aid with parallel and curve modes
  • Automatic documentation of job-related data
  • Processing of application maps

AmaTron 4 – Manager for all

AMAZONE 4.0 (1) Amatron-Montage-FINAL_App-Karussell_d1_Cirrus03
AmaTron 4

  • Large 8" multi-touch colour display
  • Combination of touch or key operation
  • Switching between day and night mode
  • Quick switching between applications via a finger swipe thanks to the App carousel
  • Optimum use of screen space thanks to the proximity sensor
  • Ease of overview thanks to the MiniView concept
  • Individually configurable key assignment and status display


Simple and secure data exchange:
AMAZONE opens the way to universal data exchange by means of the manufacturer-independent agrirouter. agrirouter enables data to be exchanged between AMAZONE machinery, agricultural software applications, manufacturers and companies both securely and without any complications.

Benefits of the agrirouter:

AMAZONE 4.0 (3) Cirrus_agrirouter
AMAZONE provides the connection to ISOBUS machinery via AmaTron 4

  • Simple and easy handling
  • Comfortable and fast transfer
  • Full control of your data
  • Data is transferred, not stored
  • Manufacturer-independent use

Part-area, site-specific precision management

Drilling using application maps

Präzisionsbewirtschaftung (1) Cirrus6003-2_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_1092_d1_161216_Applikationskarte
Cirrus 6003-2

  • To increase yields
  • Seed rates in line with soil quality
  • Fertiliser rates according to the requirement and the soil quality
  • Import and analysis of job data
  • Increases in efficiency and maximisation of the returns to the business through a reduction in input costs
  • Targeted use of seed and fertilisers helps conserve resources and protects the environment

Automatic coulter pressure adjustment

  • Adjustment of the coulter pressure in accordance with the soil quality utilising application maps
  • Depending on this, seed and fertiliser can be applied according to soil quality
  • Optimal, continuous adjustment to the soil contours to compensate for undulations

Automatic GPS-Switch part-area shut-off via Section Control

Präzisionsbewirtschaftung (2) GPS_Switch_Saetechnik_Halbseitenschaltung_100Prozent_200417_erweitert
GPS-Switch with Section Control

Half-side shut-off can be used to reduce the respective working width by half, in order to provide a significant reduction in the number of misses and overlaps in wedge shaped fields and on the headland. The two halves of the drill each correspond to one controllable part-width section.


Präzisionsbewirtschaftung (3) AutoPoint

  • Automatic determination of the conveying time of various seed types from the metering unit to the sowing coulter
  • Minimisation of misses and overlaps for good field hygiene
  • Minimisation of the disease pressure >> Fewer plant protection measures needed and costs reduced at the same time 

  1. Metering unit
  2. AutoPoint sensor

The right combination for every farm!

Conventional, ecological, sustainable and combined farming – the Cirrus guarantees sowing success by offering versatile sowing concepts!

Säkombination (1) Cirrus3003compact-TT_d0_kw_P8082380_d1_191028
Cirrus 3003 Compact: 3 m working width, 1 or 2 hoppers
Säkombination (2) Cirrus3503compact_d0_kw_P8082327_d1_171018
Cirrus 3503 Compact: 3.5 m working width, 1 to 2 hoppers

Säkombination (3) Cirrus_4003-C_002_d1_170111
Cirrus 4003-2: 4 m working width, 1 to 3 hoppers
Säkombination (4) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_DJI_0330_d1_191026
Cirrus 6003-2: 6 m working width, 1 to 3 hoppers

Area sales manager

Werksbeauftragte in Deutschland und Österreich

Eine Übersicht der Werksbeauftragten in Deutschland und Österreich und deren Kontaktdaten.

Pneumatic seed drills

Cirrus trailed cultivator drill

More than just sowing – flexible, efficient and precise
The Cirrus trailed cultivator drill is a pneumatic seed drill which is characterised by its superb, precise working performance; both in conventional and mulch sowing. In working widths from 3 m to 6 m and hopper sizes from 3,000 l to 4,000 l, the Cirrus range is highly efficient. Due to the flexibility and different conveying system concepts, the Cirrus offers the right solution for any farm, from compact sowing...

ISOBUS control

AmaTron 4 – Manager for all

Why not handle a terminal as intuitively as a tablet or a smartphone? With this in mind, AMAZONE developed the operator-friendly AmaTron 4 software, thereby providing an appreciably smoother workflow, not only on account of the rational machine operation but also for job management.

Data management

agrirouter – the independent data hub for agriculture

AMAZONE opens the way to universal data exchange by means of the manufacturer-independent agrirouter. agrirouter enables data to be exchanged between AMAZONE machinery, agricultural software, manufacturers and companies both securely and without any complications.