Catros 03 - the precision tool

Catros+ 3003 with knife roller
The Catros compact disc harrow is perfect for shallow and intensive stubble cultivation. The low pulling power requirement, combined with a huge range of working widths and high forward speeds, provide the scope for enormous work rates and yet minimal fuel consumption.


Smart Frame System

The Smart Frame System from AMAZONE is a completely new design of working depth adjustment for compact disc harrows. The entire row of discs is rotated to adjust the working depth. The discs are either rotated away from the frame to work deeper or towards the frame to work shallower. In this respect, the main frame always remains parallel to the ground.



Simple and uncomplicated setting and adjustment of the working depth

  • Completely independent depth adjustment of the front tools and main working element
  • The first and second row of discs always work at the same depth
  • Convenient for quick changes to the working depth, e.g. to work deeper in tramlines or at the headland

Huge through passage, always perfectly adapted to the working depth

  • The distance between the discs and the main frame automatically increases the deeper you work. When the working depth is increased, the discs are turned away from the frame or the following roller


Front tools for every application

Shredding – Mixing – Consolidating

The machine can be adapted to a specific tillage system even more effectively by using a front tool.

The general conditions for good crop management in agriculture are changing owing to the increasing number of extreme weather events and stricter regulation of the use of plant protection agents. In order for crops to get off to a good start and have ideal growing conditions in their early development, better field hygiene is continuing to gain in importance. As a result, AMAZONE offers various front tools for the Catros for an optimum solution. More...

Knife roller




The Crushboard is available as an option to achieve even better levelling and crumbling. For example, coarse clods can be broken after ploughing and the seedbed left optimally prepared.

  • Manual adjustment via easily accessible adjustment spindles
  • Optionally with convenient, infinitely variable hydraulic depth adjustment with an easy-to-read scale

Out-front knife roller – maximum working intensity!

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The working result of the knife roller mainly depends on the forward speed and the pressure on the soil. The results are significantly improved by a higher pressure and increasing the working speed. The combination of a knife roller with a compact disc harrow is therefore ideal for achieving the best quality of work. More...

Knife roller

CatrosXL 6003-2TS with knife roller

The combination of Catros and knife roller makes it possible to carry out extremely shallow soil tillage together with maximum crushing of the stubble, such as that initial stubble cultivation after rape. The knife roller is also ideal for working in tall catch crops and maize or sunflower stubbles. In particular, a large amount of organic material is shredded by the knife roller at right angles to the direction of travel and by the discs along the direction of travel. If the knife roller is not needed at any time, it can be swivelled up hydraulically to reduce the pulling power requirement.

  • Optimum shredding results owing to the high circumferential speed with a roller diameter of 330 mm
  • Excellent contour following thanks to individual roller segments
  • No side pull during work, as the blades are arranged on the roller in a V-shape
  • Maintenance-free bearings with a long service life thanks to a metallic face seal
  • Insensitive to stones and dirt due to the enclosed design of the roller centre shaft
  • Wear costs halved thanks to reversible knives with two cutting edges, made of tempered drill steel

Our world revolves around the disc

Catros disc arm

A wide range of discs means that you can find the ideal machine for your conditions.


Maintenance-free face seal

No more lubrication – extreme service life

With no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. Low-wear face seals have been used for decades in road construction equipment where rollers on the running gear of caterpillar-tracked vehicles have to be effectively sealed and work with complete reliability under the toughest of operational conditions.

AMAZONE X-Cutter disc

X-Cutter disc


For maximum shredding performance and mixing intensity

  • 480 mm diameter for a high peripheral speed
  • Special tool for working from a depth of 2 to 8 cm
  • Full-surface working at shallow depths thanks to the wave profile
  • Extremely thorough mixing combined with a low pulling power requirement for lower fuel consumption
  • Multi-dimensional shredding ability in combination with a front knife roller


The roller range - Reconsolidation and depth control

The right following roller for any application!
Various following rollers for reconsolidating the soil are available for all AMAZONE compact disc harrows. Decide which roller suits your farm best!

All rear rollers on AMAZONE compact disc harrows are equipped with bolt-on bearing shafts. This keeps repair work to a minimum in the case of bearing damage. The robust spherical roller bearings provide high reliability and a long service life.

New HD roller bearings!

Roller bearing

The roller bearings are now available as an option in an HD version for maximum operational reliability and an extreme service life

  • Extreme service life thanks to a metallic face seal
  • Completely maintenance-free with life-long lubrication thanks to the gear oil filling
  • Robust and insensitive due to spherical roller bearings instead of ball bearings


Combine the trailed Catros 03 with the optimum seeding system ...

... it makes no difference whether it’s the GreenDrill 501, XTender or FTender

The universal conveyor system enables you to combine your Catros 03 with different seeding
systems. For example, the GreenDrill 501 with a hopper capacity of 500 l can be used in exactly the same way as the
front or rear hoppers with a capacity of 1,600 to 4,200 l. In addition to catch crops, other seeds or even mineral fertilisers such as micro-granules can be applied.

Advantages of conveying systems with a segmented distributor head

  • Optimum lateral distribution across the entire working width
  • Combination of different sowing units
  • High application rates possible
  • Has the option to be equipped with 12 to 48 outlets
  • Part-area, site-specific sowing

GreenDrill - Universal harrow-mounted seeder box for fine seeds and catch crops

AMAZONE offers the GreenDrill 200 and GreenDrill 501 catch crop seeder boxes to enable you to apply catch crops while carrying out soil tillage. The GreenDrill seed boxes have a capacity of 200 l or 500 l and are easily accessible via steps.

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Catros with GreenDrill 501


GreenDrill – the advantages at a glance:

  • Different application rates possible with the help of different metering rollers
  • Precise metering with excellent lateral distribution
  • Full-width distribution via baffle plates
  • Safe and convenient access via steps
  • Comfortable machine control of the GreenDrill 501 via ISOBUS
  • Part-area, site-specific processing of application maps

Catros with pro-Pack

For incorporating liquid manures

Catros+ 8003-2TX with pro-Pack

The simultaneous incorporation of liquid manures during application reduces nutrient losses and therefore protects the environment. The availability of nutrients to the plant is optimised. AMAZONE offers the pro-Pack for the Catros compact disc harrows in working widths of 5 m to 9 m for larger farms and contractors.


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Catros+ 8003-2TX pro with central lubrication system

The advantages of Catros with pro-Pack:

  • Specially sealed disc bearings
  • Electric central lubrication system as an option
  • Reinforced SW600 pro cage roller as an option
  • All the necessary brackets for mounting the distribution system are available from Vogelsang
  • Single distribution system (Dosimat) or twin system (Exacut) from Vogelsang as an option
  • Optimum corrosion protection through powder coating
  • Application outlets can be in front of or behind the first row of discs

Catros+ pro 6003-2 and 7003-2 with double harrow

The machines in 6 m and 7 m working widths can also be equipped with a double harrow instead of a roller. This provides faster drying and warming of the soil. At the same time, the double harrow reduces the weight of the machine.

The benefits: Catros with pro-Pack and double harrow

  • Reduction in the weight of the machine
  • Faster drying and warming of the soil
  • Mechanical weed control
  • Additional straw distribution


The complete Catros range – good all round!


The new Catros+ compact disc harrows

The extension of the Catros+ product range means that AMAZONE can now also offer mounted folding compact disc harrows without a chassis in working widths from 4 m to 7 m. The Catros+-2TS mounted compact disc harrows with a bogey chassis and a working width from 4 m to 7 m are also new in the product range.

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