Jun 27, 2018

AMAZONE stellt neue Sämaschinen-Generationen und neues ISOBUS-Terminal AmaTron 4 in Tarmstedt vor

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Amazone AmaTron 4
Unter dem Motto „GO for Innovation“ stellen die Amazonen-Werke auf der 70. Tarmstedter Ausstellung vom 6. bis 9. Juli 2018 neben dem aktuellen Maschinen-Programm zwei Neuheiten vor. So werden die neuen Sämaschinen-Generationen Cataya und Centaya mit mechanischer und pneumatischer Sätechnik erstmals in Tarmstedt gezeigt.

Als zweite Neuheit können die landwirtschaftlichen Fachbesucher den AmaTron 4, ein von Amazone komplett eigenentwickeltes ISOBUS-Terminal im Tablet-Style, in Augenschein nehmen. Die vierte Generation des AmaTron bietet durch das 8-Zoll-große Multitouch-Farbdisplay ein komfortables Arbeiten auch mit komplexen Maschinen und Maschinenkombinationen. Sobald sich eine Hand zur Bedienung nähert, wird diese über einen Annäherungssensor erkannt, sodass die zwölf Schaltflächen eingeblendet werden.

Neben den Neuheiten zeigt Amazone auf dem 550 m² großen Stand im Freigelände im Block G-5 aus dem Pflanzenschutzprogramm die Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002 mit Fronttank, Einzeldüsenschaltung AmaSwitch und LED Einzeldüsenbeleuchtung sowie die Anhängefeldspritze UX 5201 mit aktiver Gestängeführung ContourControl und Schwingungstilgung SwingStop. Aus der Düngetechnik werden vier verschiedene Anbaudüngerstreuer und der Anhängestreuer ZG-TS mit WindControl gezeigt. Außerdem präsentiert Amazone Varianten der Kompaktscheibenegge Catros, den Anbaugrubber Cenius und den Anbau-Volldrehpflug Cayron. Für kommunale Bauhöfe und Dienstleister wird der selbstfahrende Hochleistungs-Mäher Profihopper ausgestellt.

AMAZONE stellt neue Sämaschinen-Generationen und neues ISOBUS-Terminal AmaTron 4 in Tarmstedt vor

Press review 2018

Amazone_Leistungsrechner_20180913 (1)
Sep 13, 2018

Simply calculate the right choice of machinery – The new Performance Calculator from Amazone!

Simply calculate the right choice of machinery – The new Performance Calculator from Amazone!

What working width or what hopper size is required to complete that job in the field - and in an appropriate time? How efficient is that machine per hour, per day or even over the entire season? To get the answers to all these questions, Amazone has now supplemented its online service offering with the addition of a new Amazone Performance Calculator. This Performance...

Profihopper 1500
Sep 10, 2018

The new Profihopper 1500 SmartLine - capable of up to 15,000 m² per hour

Dienstag, 11. September 2018
The new Profihopper 1500 SmartLine - capable of up to 15,000 m² per hour
The Profihopper 1500 SmartLine self-propelled mower offers a professional, high performance machine with the ultimate in output. Thanks to a working speed of up to 10 km/h and a cutting width of 1.50 m, area outputs of up to 15,000 m² per hour are possible.

Profihopper_1250_SmartLine (1)
Sep 4, 2018

Amazone Profihopper 1250 SmartLine at the GaLaBau

Montag, 3. September 2018
Amazone Profihopper 1250 SmartLine at the GaLaBau
Designated the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine, Amazone will launch this brand new generation of high performance mower collectors at the 2018 GaLaBau Show in Nuremberg (Hall 9, Stand 121 and also outside in the open area).

Cataya 4000 Super (1)
Aug 24, 2018

The new AMAZONE Cataya 4000 Super harrow-mounted seed drill sets new standards with its 4.0 m working width

With the Cataya 4000 Super harrow-mounted conventional gravity seed drill, Amazone introduces the second new model in the Cataya series to have been launched to the market this year. The new seed drill is designed for farms which require maximum work rates for the highest possible area output.

Aug 24, 2018

New AD-P 01 Special seed drill

Amazone now offers the new AD-P 01 Special pneumatic seed drill in a 3 m working width for use in combination with the new KE 01 rotary harrow or the new KG/KX 01 rotary cultivators.

Amazone ZG-TS10001
Aug 22, 2018

Agrosalon 2018: Gold and silver for AMAZONE innovations

Agrosalon 2018: Gold and silver for AMAZONE innovations
Amazone is the only foreign manufacturer to be awarded, not just one medal, but two at the upcoming Russian Agrosalon 2018 exhibition. In total, 70 innovations from the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery were presented in the competition and 16 of them were recognised as the best. The most important criteria for the assessment were the importance of the innovation for practical application...

Jul 12, 2018

Amatechnica 2018 proves to be a huge success with a large number of professional visitors from at home and abroad

Under the motto “GO for Innovation“, Amatechnica 2018 took place on 24th May, 2018 in front of about 6,000 farmers, agricultural contractors and sales partners from at home and abroad and proved to be a huge success. The concept of introducing machinery in operation and well as in a ring demonstration, offering presentations regarding “Agriculture 4.0“, an accompanying static machinery exhibition, factory tours, a vintage show with 100 tractors of different brands and...

Jun 7, 2018

Manager 4 all – New AmaTron 4 from Amazone

Amazone, with its AmaTron 4, introduces an innovative and completely new, in-house developed tablet style ISOBUS terminal. This fourth generation of AmaTron offers the ultimate in operational comfort and leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the 8” multi-touch colour display, comfortable operation, even of complex machines, is just a matter of course.

May 17, 2018

CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow for seedbed preparation

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2018

For use in combination with either the gravity Cataya or the pneumatic Centaya harrow-mounted seed drills, Amazone now offers a new CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow in a 3 m working width. Equipped with 24 serrated discs, each featuring a diameter of 410 mm, the CombiDisc is ideally suited for seedbed preparation at depths from 3 to 8 cm.

Apr 24, 2018

Amazone baut Cayros Pflugprogramm weiter aus

Dienstag, 24. April 2018
So as to be able to completely fulfil customers’ differing demands, Amazone further expands its Cayros plough programme with additional models and equipment options on offer for the 2018 season. On the one hand, Amazone rounds the product range downwards with a new 2 furrow Cayros M model. This meanings that the ploughs are now also available for smaller tractors from approximately 37 kW/50 HP.

Jan 29, 2018

2017: Amazone turnover climbs to 457 million €

In the 2017 financial year, the Amazone Group has grown yet again with the consolidated total turnover, without taking the trading volume into consideration, going up to 457 million €. This sets a new record in the company’s history and, in comparison to the previous year (406 million €), this represents a growth in turnover of 12.6 %.