Customer Report from Raiffeisen Zentrallager Emlichheim e. G.: first season with the ZG-TS 10001 ProfisPro

Tim Reefmann (links) und Hartmut Hölter stellen hohe Ansprüche an die Technik

RZL Emlichheim e. G. based in the Bentheim region has been offering its customers the possibility of spreading lime and base fertiliser with Amazone for many years. The range of rental machines include ZG-B trailed spreaders and ZA-M and ZA-V mounted spreaders. For the 2020 season, their portfolio was extended to include a service for spreading mineral fertilisers.

"Around 70 – 75 % of our fertiliser turnover is generated from blended fertilisers that are individually prepared in our mixing facility. We are striving to offer our customers a professional solution for spreading this type of fertiliser", Managing Director Hartmut Hölter explains the reasons for investing in a ZG-TS 01. When searching for a spreader to purchase, two features of specification were deemed essential. "The weighing device with its double frame on the ZG-TS 01 allows us to continuously and accurately monitor spread rate.” Reefmann stated that the ArgusTwin was another reason for purchasing this model: "The Argus system monitors our spread pattern." The EasyCheck system (test mats and App) checks the lateral distribution of new fertilisers and stores the results in the terminal. Customers who are spreading the same fertiliser can retrieve the stored results and start the job immediately. Reefmann: "It works really well and we are more than satisfied."

The spreader is operated with an AmaTron 4 and an AmaPilot+ multi-function joystick. According to Reefmann, the terminal was selected to switch as many part-width sections as possible because there are many small, irregular fields in the region. "Our spreaders can switch up to a maximum of 128 part-width sections. At higher application rates, you can see it with your own eyes." As a service provider, Reefmann has high expectations for part-width section control and the border spreading system on the machine. "Every gram that can be saved or applied in a better way counts. If I set the spreader according to the specifications of the FertiliserService App, the results are correct. The technology prevents me from having to get out of the tractor and I can make decisions depending on the border situation. It's all pretty relaxed."

In the first season, the new spreader covered an area of around 800 hectares, of which a large proportion was spread at application rates of between 600 and 1,200 kg/ha. "The large metering openings allow us to drive at 12-13 km/h, even with such large quantities." We hope that Raiffeisen Zentrallager Emlichheim e. G. continues to have success and enjoyment from using our fertiliser spreading technology.