Quick start menu


Thanks to the quick start menu, job data can be quickly and simply imported and exported. Also, for a quick diagnosis, data can be accessed and exported via the diagnosis function. In addition, practical, relevant settings, such as AUX-N layout, the brightness or the volume level, can be changed within seconds. Furthermore, the software version is directly visible within the menu. In particular, the new operating concept for the documentation and job management has been completely reorganised and now supports a practical-oriented way of working. The AmaTron 4 enables, for instance, the operator to immediately start work without having to start a job. Just decide later whether, and how, you would like to make use of that data. The special highlight is that the data and information relating to any application is stored, and can be found at any time clearly and at a glance assigned to the field. Various information, such as time, GPS status or parallel driving display can be located in the status bar.