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Designed for precision without compromise!

  • Accurate seed placement due to excellent overpressure singling and short propulsion channel
  • Even spacing due to the catcher roller
  • Even field emergence due to the optimally shaped and reconsolidated seed furrow created by the furrow former
  • High work rates with working speeds of up to 15 km/h
  • Low lifting power requirements for the tractor due to the optimised centre of gravity
  • Accurate and active fertiliser metering in each row using the Precis individual fertiliser metering system
  • Simple and intuitive operation via ISOBUS
  • Comfortable and tool-free adjustment of the seed drill
  • Simple and tool-free exchange of the centralised singling disc, even with the seed hopper filled

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Precis fertiliser metering

Precis fertiliser metering
The electric fertiliser metering drive in the Precea Super ensures maximum convenience with maximum precision. The drive is perfectly matched to the in-cab terminal and the external TwinTerminal, thus working and adjustment are simple and convenient.

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FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter and PreTeC double disc sowing coulter
FerTeC Twin – the double disc fertiliser coulter
Smooth running, rugged and reliable

The high-capacity double disc coulter ensures clean and reliable placement. The double disc coulter runs smoothly and deposits the fertiliser in front of the PreTeC mulch coulter. The FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter is completely maintenance-free and fulfils the highest requirements.

PreTeC sowing coulter - all-round coulter system for any soil type

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PreTeC - The all-round coulter system for any soil type

The PreTeC sowing coulter system provides maximum precision as well as maximum output

  • FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter
  • Double disc sowing coulter
  • Catcher roller
  • Furrow closer fingers
  • V-press rollers

Further machine details can be found here.