Training and instruction in the use of complex machinery by means of Virtual Reality technology (VR)

Service training on the virtual Pantera

In virtual training, virtual training scenarios are created on the basis of 3D CAD data, enabling service technicians to learn maintenance or repair procedures, so that they can later apply the acquired skills in practice. In this way, even complex procedures, such as the assembly of components inside a Pantera spray agent tank or inside a Profihopper, can be learned. This also enables infrequent service cases or assembly procedures to be learned and perfected in advance, so that the knowledge can be called upon when needed. As the system is easy to transport, the training can be carried out both at AMAZONE and even at a service partner.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Service technicians learn about complex or infrequent maintenance and repair procedures using VR technology
  • Flexible and targeted learning possible