The Precea concept: High output precision to meet every agronomic and economic challenge!

1. The large hopper capacity for seed and fertiliser, combined with the large working width, ensures high work rates and short non-productive times for filling and transport.
2. Telescopic axle for flexible track management allows soil-friendly operation in the field.
3. Folding coulter system for safe road transport and short set-up times.
4. Precise under-root fertilisation with FerTeC twin HD double disc fertiliser coulters for good root and seedling development in the growing crop.
5. PreTeC mulch seed coulter for precise, even sowing with exact singling, intelligent depth control, patented catcher roller with press roller and gentle reconsolidation.
6. Working widths from 6 to 12 m, with row spacings of 45 to 80 cm enable high work rates at speeds of up to 15 km/h for optimum use of operational resources.

Das Precea-Konzept (1) Precea12000-TCC_d0_mp_DJI_0125_d1_240311_CMS

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