Maximising the full potential of the machine

Für das volle Potenzial der Maschine (2) AMATRON4_Precea_01_d1_240313_CMS

An important topic for the future of agriculture is the focus on each individual plant - and therefore also the precision of seed placement and fertiliser application.

AMAZONE's electronics solutions, developed in-house by its own specialised department, and with a high degree of practical relevance, are the key to enabling the Precea and other AMAZONE machinery to develop their full potential. And not only just the consideration of precision seeding, but also in the holistic view of arable farming and plant production from sowing to fertilisation and plant protection.

Thanks to the in-house development, the machine software offers maximum functionality and, at the same time, simple and user-friendly operation. This is the basis for the high level of performance of the Precea in the field - especially when used in conjunction with the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal from AMAZONE.

The AmaTron 4 operator terminal from AMAZONE offers a range of functions over and above the ISOBUS standard: 

  • Highest compatibility and functional reliability of your ISOBUS equipment. 
  • No additional modules on the machine side. All ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE comes ready equipped with the necessary ISOBUS functions as standard. 
  • Practice-oriented machine software and logical menu structure. 
  • MiniView display with all AMAZONE terminals and additional ISOBUS terminals. See, for example, the machine data in the map view. 
  • Possibility of operating the machine from the tractor terminal or a twin terminal solution. 
  • Unique operation concept. Freely configurable displays and individual user interfaces for each driver.

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Clearly structured AMAZONE machine operation

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