High level of flexibility

Große Flexibilität (5) FDC Tank_frei_d1_190826

The FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart can be used in combination with the Primera DMC, Condor and Citan seed drills or the EDX precision air seeder. A pairing of the FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart and a seed drill with its own granular fertiliser tank even allows for the application of liquid fertiliser and mineral fertiliser in parallel in a single pass.

The FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart can be combined with these seed drills:

Große Flexibilität (1) EDX_9000-TC_005_d2_111026
EDX 9000-TC precision air seeder
Große Flexibilität (2) Primera_DMC_9001-2C_d0_kw_P8176478_d1_190108
Primera DMC direct seed drill

Große Flexibilität (4) Condor_15000_007_d1_180827
Condor 12001-C/15001-C direct seed drill

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