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Die Saatgutbehälter (1) Precea6000-2FCC_Fendt_d0_kw_Q4220641_d1_220113

The seed hoppers - comfortable filling. Simple emptying

The seed hoppers each hold 55 l or 70 l and are very easy to fill. The hopper lids can be conveniently opened with one hand, so that they can easily be filled from bags. A filling aid, that guides the seed safely into the hopper and makes the filling process even easier, is optionally available. Emptying of residual amounts is particularly quick, easy and clean.

The low level sensor, fitted as standard, warns of the fill level via the terminal at an early stage.

The benefits: 

  • Good accessibility 
  • One handed operation of the lid makes the filling process easier 
  • Clever and clean emptying of residual amounts from both sides by using the seed chute

Die Saatgutbehälter (2) - Precea4500-2C_MasseyFerguson_d0_kw_P4235594_d1_190819

The seed hoppers hold 55 l, are easily accessible and facilitate one handed operation.

Die Saatgutbehälter (3) - Precea3000-AC_KG3001_Valtra_d0_kw_P4256271_d1_190819

Emptying of residual amounts is particularly quick, clean and easy. And that can even be done from both sides.

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The singling system – Precise grain planting, higher yields

Reliably singled
The singling system works by using the overpressure principle. The pressure pushes the grain against the nap holes in the rotating centralised singling disc so that they are driven round. As they rotate, the grains under pressure pass three stripper fingers which reliably ensure just a single grain remains on each hole. Excess seeds are reliably stripped off, so that any doubles are effectively prevented. This is especially important for the accuracy of the seed placement.

  1. Rotating disc
  2. Singling disc

The key feature:

Due to the thoughtful design of the centralised singling unit, the singling disc and the singling pressure chamber are firmly connected to each other.

The advantages of this layout are huge:

  • Metering is carried out exclusively via the tractor's electronic system due to the fact that only a low torque is required for rotation
  • The seal, which is otherwise subject to excessive wear, is not loaded

Die Vereinzelung (5) Animation_Vereinzelung

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Mechanische Abstreifereinstellung der Precea Special (2) Precea_Detail_d0_kw_P7057362_d1_191021_p50

Mechanical stripper adjustment for the Precea Special

The mechanical stripper finger setting allows fine adjustment of the strippers in order to optimise the seed placement accuracy. Doubles and misses are thus avoided, which increases the yield.

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Electric stripper finger adjustment for the Precea Super

The electric stripper adjustment allows convenient setting of the scrapers from the operator terminal in the tractor cab.

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Mechanische Abstreifereinstellung der Precea Special (3) Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183674_d1_191021_p50

SmartControl – automated stripper finger adjustment for the Precea Super

In order to relieve the stress on the driver and avoid unintentional misses and doubles, AMAZONE offers the SmartControl automated stripper finger adjustment on the Precea Super. 

The benefits: 

  • The stress on the driver is reduced, as SmartControl handles the adjustment of the seed strippers 
  • An increase in yield, as doubles and misses are avoided 
  • Savings in time, as any manual set-up is not necessary
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Mechanischer Vereinzelungsantrieb SpeedShaft der Precea Special (1) Precea_Detail_d0_kw_P7057365_a_d1_191024_p50

SpeedShaft mechanical singling drive for the Precea Special

The SpeedShaft mechanical drive facilitates forward speeds of up to 12 km/h, even for entry-level models, without compromising the longitudinal distribution. Drive is provided by the Flex shaft.

Advantages of SpeedShaft:

  • Maintenance-friendly, as all components are provided with life-long lubrication
  • Output increase of up to 25 % compared to other mechanical systems
  • Smooth running, even at high working speeds of up to 12 km/h
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Elektrischer Antrieb ElectricDrive - Precea3000ac_d0_kw_P4095115_d1_190830

ElectricDrive electric drive on the Precea Super

The ElectricDrive option provides a separate electric motor for each overpressure singling unit. The desired seed rate, fertiliser rate and the micro-granular applicator can thus very conveniently be controlled via the terminal. One activation button per sowing unit makes it possible to check the centralised singling disc.

Advantages of ElectricDrive: 

  • Accurate sowing in wedge shaped fields and on the headland in combination with the automated individual row shut-off 
  • Flexible increase in the seed rate across the entire working width
  • Working speeds of up to 15 km/h 
  • Activation buttons for checking the centralised singling disc

Maximum precision – individual row shut-off 
The option of individual control of the sowing units enables each row to be individually switched on and off with the electric drive. This has particular advantages in wedge shaped fields and on the headland. More information can be
found on page 50/51.

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Das PreTeC-­Mulchsaatschar (1)Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183753_d1_190816_p50

The PreTeC mulch sowing coulter – The precision coulter for any soil type

Maximum flexibility with the highest work rates 
No matter whether it is used for conventional or mulch sowing, the PreTeC mulch sowing coulter is perfect for precision sowing. Benefit from the first-class, consistent seed placement accuracy and use it to increase your yield. The Precea facilitates high work rates due to its high accuracy, in particular at high working speeds of up to 15 km/h.

The benefits: 

  • High operating comfort 
  • Minimisation of any downtime 
  • Time saving during regular maintenance

Even field emergence 
The mulch sowing coulter (weighing 120 kg on its own) can be pressed down further by a spring with a maximum force equivalent to 220 kg. Via a hydraulic cylinder, coulter pressures of up to 350 kg are possible. This ensures smooth running and even field emergence under the hardest of conditions. The complete mulch seeding unit is reliably guided by two large carrying rollers. Soil opening is performed by a double disc unit and a following furrow former. Once the seed has been embedded in the soil by the catcher roller, the V-pressure rollers follow to close up the furrow again.

Das PreTeC-­Mulchsaatschar (2) Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183753_d1_190816_p50_2
  1. FerTeC Twin double disc fertiliser coulter 2) Carrying rollers 3) Catcher roller 4) Furrow closer 5) V-press rollers

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Mechanische Schardruckverstellung (1) Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183633_d1_220114

Mechanical coulter pressure adjustment

The mechanical coulter pressure adjustment can be used to adjust the coulter pressure very easily and effectively via a tension spring with a series of notches. Up to 100 kg of extra coulter pressure can therefore be generated in addition to its own weight of 120 kg. Another increase of 15 kg is possible in the wheel tracks.

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Hydraulische Schardruckverstellung (1)Precea-Detail_Schardruckverstellung_d0_kw_P6074157_d1_220114

Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment

The coulter pressure can be adjusted even more easily and comfortably via the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment. The coulter pressure can be adjusted to a pressure of up to 350 kg via the operator terminal, even while driving. The SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation also ensures that all coulters are automatically adjusted, even in different soil conditions.

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Maximum operational comfort

The good accessibility to the seeding unit ensures high operating comfort. A multitude of adjustment options allow adaptation to all requirements.

The benefits: 

  • Increased yields and an increase in the sowing quality as a result of the effective singling 
  • More adjustment comfort due to tool-free operation 
  • Higher flexibility due to the extensive range of optional equipment for the all-rounder coulter

Maximaler Bedienkomfort - Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183681_d1_191022

The following settings can be adjusted without tools:
1. Harrow pressure
2. Placement depth
3. Furrow closer
4. Contact pressure of press roller
5. Running angle of press roller

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Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (1) Precea6000-2CC_Deutz_d0_kw_DJI_0228_d1_220114

SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation – The same placement depth in all soil types

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (2) hydraulischer_schardruck_ohne_automatik
Hydraulic coulter pressure without an automatic system with inconsistent placement depth | 1) 30 bar

AMAZONE offers the SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation system for the folding Precea precision air seeder as an add-on to the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.

The particular feature with this system is that the driver does not stipulate the coulter pressure, but rather sets the contact force in the terminal. This contact force is checked by measuring pins in the field. The contact force varies due to different soil types, as the soil acts differently on the unit. The hydraulic system regulates the coulter pressure meaning that the placement depth remains constant. This means that the coulter pressure will be adapted to suit the various different soil conditions on the move. This makes it easier for the driver and results in a more even field emergence.

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (2) hydraulischer_schardruck_mit_automatik
Hydraulic coulter pressure with automatic system for consistent placement depth | 1) 30 bar 2) 50 bar

Simultaneous maintenance of a consistent placement depth and optimum pressure ensures high field emergence and provides the basis for good yields.

Maintaining a consistent placement depth on varying soils or with uneven reconsolidation is a particular challenge for the technology and the user.

SmartForce regulates the required coulter pressure on the basis of the contact force measured on the PreTeC coulter. This ensures that the intended contact force and the placement depth are maintained under all soil conditions.

SmartForce relieves the driver and enables a consistently high quality of work under all conditions.

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (4) Precea6000-2FCC_Fendt_d0_kw_P4060894_d1_220228
The measuring pin registers changes in the contact force on varying soils. The ISOBUS-controlled SmartForce system then automatically evens out these fluctuations. As a result, the placement depth remains the same under all soil conditions.
Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (5) Precea-Detail_d0_kw_P6225234_d1_211006
The coulter pressure is automatically adjusted via the hydraulic cylinder

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