The filling auger

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Quick and comfortable filling

In order to be able to fill the Primera DMC with both seed and fertiliser, AMAZONE offers a hydraulically-driven filling auger. Using this system the filling time is kept down to just 15 minutes meaning that the output of the drill is even further extended.

The two-piece filling auger is fixed to the back of the machine. The bottom section of the auger and the filling hopper can be quickly and easily folded up for work and transport. Thanks to the swivelling chute at the top end of the auger, the seed corn can be optimally distributed over the full width of the seed hopper.

Due to a top lip height of only 70 cm on the filling funnel, the filling auger can be easily filled from a tipping trailer. The trailer just needs to be equipped with a slide and a chute so that the filling operation can be optimally regulated. As an option, AMAZONE also offers lorry trailer outlets.

Drive and operation of the filling auger is carried out via the hydraulic system on the tractor. The tractor should have a hydraulic output of at least 50 l/min and requires a pressure-free return.

Technical data of the filling auger

Primera DMC 3000/3000-C, 4500/4500-C, 6000-2/6000-2C, 9000-2/9000-2C, 9000-2C Super, 12000-2C:

Primera DMC 9001-2C 12001-2C:

Length (mm): 6,400
Filling height of the filling auger (mm): 700
Hopper dimensions (mm): L x W x H: 800 x 1,000 x 500
Filling height of the seed hopper (mm): max. 3,000
Weight (kg): 450
Capacity (t/h): 50

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