The different packer wheel profiles

Die verschiedenen Formen des Packerrads (1) Räder

  1. Air filled wheel
    The air filled wheel is suitable for a large variety of operational conditions. By the flex in the tyre it is kept free from wet soil. Under dry conditions, it provides a reliable reconsolidation of the soil.
  2. Fully foam-filled wheel – round profile
    Due to its robust design, this wheel is ideally suited for use in extremely dry conditions and where harsh stubbles prevail. Burst tyres and cost-intensive down times are no longer a potential risk. The hard wheel provides optimum reconsolidation of the seed furrow.
  3. Fully foam-filled wheel – triangular profile
    Due to its wedge shape, this wheel provides the maximum contact pressure in especially dry conditions and on light soils. Its robustness pays off especially when sowing in harsh stubbles.
  4. Semi-pneumatic wheel
    This tyre is indeed the real all-rounder. Its thick rubber wall makes it extremely resistant against even the harshest of stubbles. Under dry conditions, this tyre achieves a very good reconsolidation. The air chamber provides this tyre with a very good flexibility preventing the sticking of wet soil on the wheel.

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