The Cirrus-CC – an unmatched multi-talent

Stay flexible with maximum comfort!
The different combination options of the conveying system on the Cirrus-CC results in a multitude of arable farming options for the user. Separate placement makes it possible, for example, to bring out much larger amounts of fertiliser when sowing.

Another interesting option is the combination of fertiliser delivery using the single-shoot and double-shoot method. It is possible, for example, to sow small amounts of fertiliser directly with the seed, which has a very strong impact on early development. In order to prevent damage due to acid burns, the remainder of the fertiliser can then be placed next to and below the seed row by an additional coulter.

If required, it is also possible to use the add-on GreenDrill 501 to meter and distribute a third crop.

1. Leading tyre packer
2. Disc element
3. FerTeC single disc coulter
4. Matrix tyres
5. TwinTeC+ double disc coulter
6. Seed baffle plates for the GreenDrill
7. Seed hopper of the GreenDrill

Benefits of the Cirrus-CC:

  • Sowing with one seed type using the RoTeC pro coulter or the TwinTeC+ coulter
  • Sowing of seed and fertiliser / second seed type in the same seed furrow using the single-shoot method
  • Sowing of seed and fertiliser / second seed type in two different seed furrows using the double-shoot method
  • Combination of single-shoot and double-shoot methods

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