Targeted reconsolidation

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Reconsolidation in strips
By reconsolidating in strips, it is possible to create an optimum soil condition which adapts to the current weather conditions and thus ensures the conditions for rapid and uniform plant emergence This means that reconsolidation in strips is an insurance for timely cultivation. In addition, the homogeneous and well reconsolidated strip has no cleat marks. This is a decisive advantage compared to rollers with full-surface profiles, as this has an effect on the smooth running of the sowing coulters in particular.

Sowing insurance! 

  1. In very dry conditions – the water pump principle: 
    The reconsolidated strips provide soil contact directly in the seed furrow. In this way, capillary water reaches the seedling even in dry weather. Reconsolidation in strips ensures that your soil works as a water pump.
  2. In much wetness – principle of drainage:
    The loose soil absorbs any rain well and stores it. Rain from heavy downpours simply drains into the unrolled, loose areas. Soil erosion is thereby prevented. In this case, the soil works like a drain. Even on heavy wet ground, there is enough unconsolidated soil available between the rows to cover the seed with loose soil.
  3. Gaseous exchange – the lungs principle:
    The loose soil also enables gases to be exchanged, so that the roots can breathe.

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