Precise for sowing rape

Präzise in der Rapssaat (1) Rapssaat_001_IMG_0634_d1_201109

The establishment of rape in high continental regions primarily depends on the sowing system. Precise seed placement is of vital importance owing to a short and dry growing season. Precise placement of the seed is possible with the individually depth-guided ConTeC pro coulters. Apart from the placement depth, the optimum seed rate plays a key role in rape establishment. Low seed rates promote the development of the individual plants and reduces the risk of the yield being decimated through premature and stress ripening. The stepless Vario gearbox enables seed to be precisely metered at rates as low as 2 kg/ha. Precise lateral distribution over the complete working width enables crops to be sown particularly evenly.

Field trials in dry regions demonstrate higher yields for rape and wheat in row widths of 31.3/33.3 cm and the same yields in wet years as in the case of a row spacing of 25 cm.

  • Reduction in use of inputs, such as seed and fertiliser

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