Maximum effectiveness – seedbed preparation and sowing in one pass

Maximale Schlagkraft (1) CIRRUS 6003-2_li_Scheibenfeld.71_d1_211220

Solo sowing at high work rates
With all the technical benefits of the basic seed drill, the Cirrus without disc segment is a cost-effective alternative for solo sowing but still maintains the pre-drilling reconsolidation. In this specification as well, the optional Crushboard can be added.

Trailed cultivator drill l with 2-row disc element
The Cirrus can be equipped with the 2-row disc element for up-front soil tillage. The disc element loosens, crumbs and levels the seedbed, depending on the type of discs chosen, immediately ahead of the seed placement. The working depth of the disc element can be adjusted on the move. Via a series of holes, the end discs can be adjusted individually to ensure a level finish between bouts. 

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