FTender mounted front tank – ISOBUS autonomous

Frontanbaubehälter FTender (1) Centaya3000FC_Fendt_d0_kw_P8145767_d1_201106

AMAZONE offers a universal, front-mounted hopper for multi-functional use in the shape of the FTender with a capacity of 1,600 l or 2,200 l. The machine control on the FTender takes place via ISOBUS. This means that the mounted front hopper can be easily operated intuitively and with all the advantages of ISOBUS communication. The FTender is operated via its own complete, standalone ISOBUS electronic system (ISOBUS autonomous). The FTender from Amazone can be used in conjunction with a variety of implements across a wide range of operations.

  • FTender 1600:  Capacity (l): 1,600 
    Hopper (m): single-tip | Conveying system: open/closed
  • FTender 2200:  Capacity (l): 2,200 
    Hopper (m): single-tip | Conveying system: open/closed
  • FTender 2200C: Capacity (l): 2,200 
    Hopper (m): twin-tip | Conveying system: closed

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