Folding KG

Klappbarer KG (6) KG-6001-2_003_d1_140312

6 m down to 3 m – quick and safe!

Klappbarer KG (1) KG-6001-2_Klappung_001_d1_140314
Klappbarer KG (2) KG-6001-2_Klappung_002_d1_140314

Klappbarer KG (3) KG-6001-2_Klappung_003_d1_140314
Klappbarer KG (4) KG-6001-2_Klappung_004_d1_140314

Klappbarer KG (5) KG-6001-2_Klappung_005_d1_140314

“Apropos transport width: "the 3 m wide wings are vertically folded to 2.90 m for road travel via double acting rams – ideal!" 
("profi" 8-2013 · Test report AMAZONE KG 6001-2 rotary cultivator)

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