Cirrus-CC with twin outlet pressurised hopper and second conveying system – double-shoot

Cirrus-CC 2-Kammerbehälter und zweiter Förderstrecke – Double-Shoot (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_DJI_0330_d1_191026

Model: Cirrus 4003-CC (rigid) | Working width: 4.0 m

Model: Cirrus 4003-2CC (folding) | Working width: 4.0 m

Model: Cirrus 6003-2CC (folding) | Working width: 6.0 m

  • With 4,000 l twin outlet pressurised hopper – for seed and fertiliser

GreenDrill 501 with third conveying system for triple-shoot

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