Chassis and drawbar – Easy coupling and uncoupling

Fahrwerk und Deichsel (1) Wendemanöver_d1_190820

The weight is optimally distributed over the ground via the large 800/45/26.5 tyres, so that the soil is protected. Depending on the requirement, the trailed Fertiliser Delivery Cart is attached to the tractor via a lower link cross shaft of Cat. 3, 4 or K700, a drawbar eye or a ball point coupling, and in the same way at the rear, where the trailed seed drill is hitched.

The drawbar has additional ballast weights as standard equipment to achieve optimal weight distribution and to improve the traction of the tractor. For easy coupling and uncoupling, the drawbar is equipped as standard with a hydraulic cylinder for aligning the machine, as well as a hose rail.

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