Avant seed rail with TwinTeC coulter

Avant-Säeinheit mit TwinTeC-Schar (1) TwinTeC-Schar_76_d1_190708

The high-performance double disc coulter, clean and precise seed placement

Advantages of the double disc coulter:

  • Extremely precise seed placement thanks to the extremely smooth and clean running of the double disc coulter
  • Consistent sowing depth thanks to the high constant coulter pressure of up to 60 kg
  • Optimum contour following due to the coulter guidance in the parallelogram
  • Simple central seed depth adjustment
  • Effective sowing even under difficult conditions thanks to a high through passage and low angle of attack of the discs

  1. Adjustable harrow: the angle of attack is adjusted according to the degree of straw residues present.
  2. Perfect parallelogram with the top link for infinitely variable and precise adjustment of the sowing depth from 0 to 6 cm.
  3. Centralised, 100% independent adjustment of the placement depth and coulter pressure.
  4. TwinTeC coulters mounted on rubber elements for shock absorption and central adaptation of the coulter pressure from 0 to 60 kg.
  5. Protective front plate
  6. Removable shims to compensate for disc wear.
  7. Discs fastened at 5 points with recessed Torx screws. No wear on the fixing discs.
  8. Maintenance-free bearings. No lubrication points for the maintenance-free coulter.
  9. Double disc ∅ 340 mm, angle of 10°, row spacing 12.5 or 15 cm. 
  10. Internal scraper – as an HD variant.
  11. Depth control and press rollers with 50 or 65 mm width (scrapers optional).

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