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RoTeC pro-Schar (1) RoTec_pro_Exaktstriegel_114_d1_190913

RoTeC pro coulter – the maintenance-free RoTeC pro single disc coulter

The RoTeC coulter system: tried and tested 1,500,000 times over!

  1. Accurate setting in 4 steps
  2. Reinforced support arm with a coulter pressure up to 65 kg
  3. Choice of 25 mm or 10 mm “Control” combined depth control and cleaning disc for even seed placement
  4. Furrow former for a clean profile seed furrow
  5. Sowing disc ∅ 400 mm made of boron steel, working angle of 7°, for smooth operation of the coulter
  6. Exact harrow for excellent seed coverage

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Goes right up to the limit of practical operation and placement

RoTeC pro coulters are maintenance-free and work very reliably, even with large amounts of straw and plant residues. The sowing disc and furrow former create the seed furrow profile and provide the optimum seed placement into the soil. The Control 10 depth guidance disc or the Control 25 depth guidance roller prevent the soil from sticking to the sowing disc, thereby ensuring that the pre-selected sowing depth is precisely maintained.

Advantages of the RoTeC pro coulter:

  • High-performance single disc coulter for wet and cohesive soil types
  • High level of self-cleaning via the depth guidance disc
  • Decoupling of coulter guidance and reconsolidation
  • Up to 65 kg additional coulter pressure
  • Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment
  • Working speeds of up to 16 km/h

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Geniale unabhängige Tiefenführung von Schar und Striegel (1) Cirrus_3003_Compact_Case_d0_kw__8071234_d1_200528

Ingenious independent depth control of coulter and following harrow

One of the unbeatable advantages of the RoTeC pro coulter is that the reconsolidation is independent to the coulter depth control. This means that the coulter is raised only once when passing a stone. Furthermore, the coulter and harrow pressure can be adjusted independently of each other. This very even and accurately controlled way of guiding the RoTeC coulter is ensured by the Control 10 depth guidance disc with its 10 mm wide contact area or the Control 25 depth guidance disc with its
25 mm wide contact area mounted directly on the coulter.

The basic setting of the sowing depth takes place without tools and in 4 levels directly on the coulter.

  • RoTeC pro coulters run smoothly and precisely
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Schardruckverstellung (1) Schardruck_Andruck_d1_151006

Coulter pressure adjustment

RoTeC pro coulters can be used at coulter pressures of up to 65 kg. With AMAZONE, the actual effective coulter pressure is comparatively higher because the pressure is not divided between a depth guidance disc and the coulter but acts exclusively on the coulter.

  1. Harrow pressure
  2. Coulter pressure

RoTeC pro-S coulter for heavy-duty use
The RoTeC pro coulter, normally with a 25 mm furrow former, is also available as a RoTeC pro-S coulter with a 14 mm furrow former with a higher neck.

The benefits:

  • Improved penetration characteristics and depth consistency of the coulter, even on heavy and dry ground
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RoTeC pro-Schar (∅ 400 mm) (1) Tiefenverstellung_RoTeCpro_d1_170130

RoTeC pro coulter (∅ 400 mm) with Control 25 depth guidance roller

The cleats, open at the rear, provide a very good self-cleaning effect.

  1. Control 25 depth guidance disc
  2. Furrow former
  3. Sowing disc
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RoTeC pro-Schar (∅ 400 mm) mit Tiefenführungsscheibe ­Control 10 (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_3761_d1_171018

RoTeC pro coulter (∅ 400 mm) with Control 10 depth guidance disc

  1. Setting option (1)
  2. Setting option (2)
  3. Setting option (3)
  4. Setting option (4)
  5. Control 10 depth guidance disc
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Exact S following harrow – seed coverage

Together with the RoTeC pro coulter, the Exact S following harrow carries out the levelling and seed coverage in both normal and even wet conditions.

The benefits:

  • Reliable seed coverage even in heavy and wet soil conditions
  • Optional hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment
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Rollenstriegel HD – zusätzlich andrücken (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_3724_d1_171006

Roller harrow HD – additional seed embedment

When the Citan is operated on dry soils, the HD Roller harrow with hardened harrow tines is available.

The benefits:

  • Decoupling of coulter and roller pressure
  • Press roller with up to 35 kg of extra pressure
  • For good soil contact
  • Quicker changeover to Exact S following harrow in wet conditions
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Mit optimierter Konturverfolgung (1)Citan12001-C_d0_kw_3742_d1_170109

With optimised contour following

Thanks to the robust spring suspension, the Roller harrow maintains the roller pressure even on undulating ground. The mechanical contour following by the spring suspension means that the soil is optimally reconsolidated, since the harrow pressure remains constant. Furthermore, the Roller harrow can be matched to the soil conditions. 

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