QuickLink quick coupling system

Das Schnellkuppelsystem QuickLink (1) CombiDisc_Detail_d0_kw_P3200097_d1_191007

For the Cataya, Centaya and Precea A harrow-mounted seed drills

Thanks to the intelligent QuickLink quick-coupling system for all harrow-mounted drills and seeders, the sowing combination can be separated with ease in just a few minutes. The three easily accessible coupling points of the QuickLink system ensure a safe, tool-free and fast coupling and uncoupling process. As a result, the soil tillage machine is also perfect for solo use.

Das Schnellkuppelsystem QuickLink (2) Precea A
Precea A

Das Schnellkuppelsystem QuickLink (3) Cataya
Cataya product range

Das Schnellkuppelsystem QuickLink (4) Centaya
Centaya product range

Das Schnellkuppelsystem QuickLink (5) CombiDisc
CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow

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