KX Cultimix rotary cultivator – the all-rounder

Kreiselgrubber KX – Der Allrounder (1) KX3001_d0_kw_P9143376_d1_190930

Flexible and effective

The KX rotary cultivator, in a working width of 3 m and for the 190 hp tractor class, is a very flexible implement for PTO-driven soil cultivation that can be used both as a rotary cultivator or as a rotary harrow.

Many farmers want a machine for differing soil and operating conditions. This could be e,g. a rotary cultivator with the tines "on-grip" for mulch sowing on heavier soils, in order to thoroughly mix the soil with crop residues.

Previously, the tines have often simply been turned from “trailing” to “on-grip”. The finished result can then often be unsatisfactory, because only tines specially designed for each specific purpose can produce the best work.

The benefits of the rotary cultivator:

  • Short set up times by the proven tine quick change system
  • Very flexible in operation – can be, from choice, operated with trailing tines or with “on-grip” tines
  • More rigidity – reinforced trough profile, thicker shaft diameter and stronger tines
  • Loosening of hard and compacted soils without any problem
  • Intensive incorporation of straw and other organic matter

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