KE 6002-2 Rotamix rotary harrow – 6 m folding for solo use

Kreiselegge KE 6002-2 Rotamix (1) KE6002-2-400_Fendt_d0_kw_Q8172065_d1_211005

High work rates

With the KE 6002-2-400, AMAZONE is offering a new machine, which has been developed primarily for high work rates. The rotary harrow is very effective, thanks to its working width of 6 m. Quick folding to a 3 m transport width also ensures rapid and safe transport between fields. The KE 6002-2-400 is designed for solo use and thus cannot be coupled to a seed rail.

Higher tractor horsepower categories possible with the DirectDrive gearbox

There is no power redirection in the gearbox of the new KE 6002-2-400 Rotamix, thereby ensuring excellent low-wear power transmission. A DirectDrive gearbox is mounted to both side wings. The rotary harrow can be used with a PTO speed of 1000 rpm. Exchange gear sets enable the tine carrier speed to be adapted to the different soil conditions.

  • The KE 6002-2-400 Rotamix is approved for tractors up to 400 hp and is characterised particularly by its high output and very good crumbling.

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