Disc coulters – for clean, tidy ploughing

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The disc coulter is important for a clean ploughing performance. Disc coulters also make a considerable contribution to efficient ploughing. The disc coulters precise cutting action helps achieve full turning and complete incorporation of crop residues as well as leaving an effective furrow clearance.

Serrated or smooth disc coulters with a diameter of 500 mm or 600 mm are available. The depth of the coulters is adjusted via finely graduated toothed discs. As an alternative, spring-loaded disc coulters can also be fitted to ploughs with hydraulic overload protection.

These provide more space between the coulter and skimmers. The disc coulter can then also avoid obstructions independently of the plough body.

The benefits:

  • On shear bolt ploughs, the discs can also be adjusted in the driving direction, leaving plenty of clearance between the body and the coulter.
  1. 500 mm serrated disc coulter
  2. 600 mm serrated disc coulter
  3. 500 mm smooth disc coulter

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