AutoAdapt – Automatic adjustment of the front furrow when changing the furrow width

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The front furrow is also automatically adjusted by AutoAdapt when the overall furrow width is changed. Precise match-up is possible under any conditions thanks to the parallelogram and the hydraulic connection between the furrow width and front furrow cylinder. The accurate matching to the last furrow ensures perfect work results. AutoAdapt also has a positive effect on fuel consumption, since the pull point is not changed during the process.

The advantages thanks to AutoAdapt: 

  • Simple and comfortable adjustment of the front furrow to the furrow width 
  • Precise connection 
  • Robust, low-wear system for basic adjustment 
  • Highly responsive, even on the move, owing to direct control of the first body 
  • Perfect plough profile even on variable soils, slopes or when changing tractors 
  • One-off setting of the pull point via the parallelogram guidance

AutoAdapt (3) Feldheld_JPG_d0_kw_P8177370_d1_220127
Perfect work results and satisfied customers thanks to AutoAdapt

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